Agentmile – The Latest Platform Revolutionizes Commercial Real Estate Using a Blockchain System


Agentile is the ideal platform for landlords and brokers to list commercial properties available for sale. It is a platform that works on the technology chain and therefore finding real estate tenants true and genuine commercials will not be a problem at all. This platform enhances the leasing ability of commercial real estate rather than traditional markets. Agentile is the first of a decentralized commercial real estate rental platform, working on artificial intelligence.

Agentable ICO Features
agentile offers a property Looking for a simple and quick way to find the property they are looking for. It’s also very transparent. He works on chain technology, which is the foundation of the project. At the same time, users can enjoy the security and great deals of everything they do on the platform.

The goal is to make organizational processes simple and easy through a series of blocks. This platform would like to offer very suitable for users at every stage of the leasing process. It provides the same transparency, security, and ease of use for both long term and short term lease.

Property search is done quickly, efficiently and with less time through the use of MLS Portal. Data added to the shared database can not be changed or manipulated after being added to the chain.

The team doing the hitch
Since Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine is the founder and CEO of agentile. He is an experienced businessman and has successfully launched many companies in the last decade. He was chosen by Yaware and Executive Director of shopgate. Vladimir is a pioneer in the field of e-Commerce and m-Commerce. Angel Luis Quesada Director of Nieto-technical. He is also the Director General of Cubide. He is also experienced in soft skills. AgentMile Has been at the forefront to lead over 40 startups in recent years as SRO.

Konstantin Boyko-technical director is not dangerous. He is also the CEO of a company that has recently been involved in the development of web and mobile apps. He’s experienced in software development and FinTech.

Ira chapovska is a marketing manager. He graduated from Ternopil National University of Economics. Vilai Wongsa is a support specialist.

Johnny Lee is the project director. He is also a Product and Service Manager for a smarter city network.

Product designer product is Montgomery Huyton. He is a UI designer in a bachelors environment in visual communication from UTS.

Chris Sergeant, Product Manager is also a founder and Digital Director at Sticky Pixel and is an experienced UX / UI digital designer and designer.

Ronald kozielecki is the operational manager.

Brave advisors include Kim’s herb, David Dennison, Nigel salmon, Andres, reggiani, Manuel deligny, and mark Ryan.Screenshot_186.png Will it use ICO agentile?

AgentMile It looks like agentmile has all the necessary ingredients to offer the perfect leasing platform for landlords and brokers. Customers who want to buy real estate property can rely on a platform that is free for transactions without any hassle and no money. All the details created on the platform are safe and protected from hackers’ spies and fraudsters.

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The future of the AgentMile platform as a first generation platform that provides solutions to problems with investors who can not be on time, and every time crypto markets change or the usual up and down prices in crypto becomes this platform of Searching for potential users who are ready for automatic notification on their mobile devices to leave the world without the least of their activities. Seeks to create an ecosystem that provides mutual benefits between traders and users, as well as a platform that can consistently support the stability of the sale. To solve the problems that are often found by most investors, AgentMile comes to the solution and offers intelligent solutions with a platform

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