What is AGNUM?
AGNUM is a platform for collective investment in Masternodes, PoS cryptocurrency and mining.
How does AGNUM operate?
The participants of the AGNUM platform buy AGN tokens during private sales, preICO and ICO, AGNUM platform distributes the equivalent in ETH of token sold to masternodes, PoS cryptocurrencies and into mining of different coins.  AGNUM platform monthly donates % of all profits to the ETH addresses of AGN tokenholders.
 the following diagram will show how you can understand the logic of asset movements of tokenholders:
How are the assets in which the funds of tokenholders are invested determined?
AGN tokenholders by monthly voting within the AGNUM platform independently determine to what masternodes, pos cryptocurrencies the platform  funds will be distributed, and what coins will be mined on a collective mining farm in the next month. The vote weight of each tokenholder is proportional to the number of AGN tokens in his account.
How is the transparency of the AGNUM functioning provided?
AGNUM team publishes online the results of monthly voting, addresses of all masternodes, the addresses of all of wallets pos\pow cryptocurrencies provides photo\video stream from the collective mining laboratory.
Why is it profitable to invest in AGNUM?
Buying AGN tokens you diversify your crypto-portfolio at the same time on the 3-profitable areas. For greater reliability each direction is diversified in a subset of assets (different masternodes\crypto currencies). AGNUM portfolio consists only of assets which are supposed to bring return, which AGNUM will convert back to ETH, divide among the members of the platform and send to your ETH address. You don’t need to do reallocations, installation of masternodes, maintain the mining farm and worry about the safety of your crypto assets.
Why AGNUM is a reliable way of diversifying my crypto-portfolio?
Assets, in which the funds of the platform are invested, are selected by the method of collective vote of tokenholders. Each tokenholder chooses the assets from the provided list that considered to be most promising. This provides a balance of durability\return according to the expectations of tokenholders for each asset, because the vote only those users who have invested their money and no one will vote for the notoriously unreliable assets.
What is the function of the AGNUM team?
AGNUM team performs the role of platform operator: holds monthly voting, redistributes money from the Fund, supports the work of masternodes, builds and manages a collective mining farm, publishes monthly reports on market capitalization.
What return will I receive by purchasing AGN tokens?
In accordance with the WhitePaper the estimated proportion of return which tokenholder will receive is 95% of profitability for all masternodes and pos cryptocurrency, and also 70% of the yield of the collective mining farm.
At the end of each month AGN takeholders receive to  their ETH wallet the remuneration, which is calculated according to the formula:
You can learn more about the calculation in our WhitePaper on the website.
How long will I receive the reward for owning the AGN tokens?
Tokenholders get a % of the overall ALL TIME reward while they hold the AGN tokens and the entire investment AGNUM portfolio brings profitability.
What is the size of Softcap and Hardcap?
How to become a member of the AGNUM platform?
To become a member of platform AGNUM, you must purchase AGN tokens on the official website After ICO AGN tokens can be bought only from the other tokenholder. The sooner you purchase the AGN tokens, the better for you the price for the token will be.
When will I get the AGN tokens?
AirDrop of tokens will be made within 1 week after completion of the ICO.
What about mining factory?
We are found a great place for mining f
actory with cheap electricity and now ready to build it




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