What is AGUM  ?…
AGNUM is a platform that invests the ETH of total funds in the creation of Masternodes and mining, and the compensation received from Masternodes and farm ownership is distributed among the ICO participants. After reaching the Hard Capduring the ICO, the partof the collected funds will be distributed to the creation of a common mining farm. The obtained coins from mining are converted into ETH and distributed among the ICO participants excluding the cost for the maintenance.
When the Hard Cap is reached, the AGNUM team will release ERC20 tokens based on Etherealum blockchain and any ICO.
Buying and holding coins

The investors buys various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple and waits for the growth of its

rate to sell at a more advantageous rate.
This strategy proved to be effective on the example of

Bitcoin cost of which in 2017 grew at a record speed
and rose by 1820% reaching the maximum mark in its history of 1 BTC = $ 19160.
However, such a strategy has high risks because of the
dynamic value growth in the past does not guarantee the same dynamic pattern in the future. In Q1, 2018 Bitcoin is trading at the rate below 9000 USD for 1 BTC. Thus, if you enter the market at the moment of fracture you can instantly get a loss and then wait a long time the value to return back to the previous level of what may never happen.
Agnum Solutions
The AGNUM platform helps to solve the problem of using a collective AGNUM cryptoportfolio means of a collective AGNUM cryptoportfolio means of which are invested simultaneously in many described ways in differentproportions.
How the AGNUM platform works

Agnum allows you to reduce the overall risks of investing

in cryptocurrency by diversifying your investments
into different masternodes, PoS cryptocurrency
and mining, while providing the highest possible
profitability of each of the said ways of investing
after the withholding of expenses.
The AGNUM investors community participates in a

monthly vote which results in a collective decision
about how the crypto-portfolio will be distributed next
month. AGNUM Platform performs the role of portfolio
administrator, carrying out all necessary technical
and operational activities on redistribution of funds
to Masternodes, PoS cryptocurrencies and content
of the mining farm based on the results of the platform’s
participants voting, as well as the distribution of the
total remuneration among participants.
On the block diagram below you can get acquainted
with the work structure of AGNUM at achievement of
Hard Cap.
Private Token Sales
The start date for private sale of AGN tokens will be

available on the homepage and in the personal cabinet
of the official website At the
stage of private sale investors get the best price of 1
AGN = 0.7 USD.
Pre-sale of tokens
The start date for pre-sale of AGN tokens will be available on the homepage and in the personal cabinet of the official website Pre-sale is divided into 4 rounds, each round will last 7 days. The following token value is set for the pre-sale period:
Stage 1- 1 AGN = 0.9 USD
Stage 2- 1 AGN = 0.92 USD
Stage 3- 1 AGN = 0.94 USD
Stage 4- 1 AGN = 0.96 USD
ICOThe start date of the main ICO will be available on

 the homepage and in the personal cabinet on the


official website and lasts 30 days or


until the required amount of $ 10 000 000 for Hard


Cap is reached. ICO is divided into 4 rounds, each


round will last 7 days. The following ICO value is set


for the pre-sale period:
Stage 1- 1 AGN = 1.2 USD
Stage 2- 1 AGN = 1.24 USD
Stage 3- 1 AGN = 1.28 USD
Stage 4- 1 AGN = 1.32 USD
Post ICO
After the end of the ICO, AGN tokens can be purchased o

nly from another token holder through the internal
AGNUM exchange. If at the time of the ICO the Hard
CAPIS reached, tokens trading will also be available on
the external exchange (Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex or on
the decentralized Exchange EtherDelta).
Road Map :
1.May Private Sale
2.June 2018 PRE ICO
3.June 2018 ICO
4.Jule 2018 ICO
5.August 2018 First monthly report for token

holders and new voting (choice
masternodes and       altcoins for
hold) and internal exchange
6.Sep 2018 Second report for token holders, if HardCap reached – start building minig factory
7.Q3 2018 1/2 mining factory
8.Q4 2018 2/2 mining factory
The project is run by 2 blockchain developers, 1 network

 engineer and 1 specialist in cloud IT infrastructure,


3 consultants in the field of information security


from reputable companies, 2 financial analysts with 11


years of experience in the foreign exchange market
and successful trading experience of cryptocurrencies.

 As you know, blockchain is the most reliable way to


store information that has ever been invented. No


one can interfere in the chain, change any data that is


stored in it and steal coins. However, there are still indirect
factors influencing the reliability of cryptocurrency


storage. Thus, in December 2017 in the press


ppeared information about the abduction in order

 to obtain ransom in bitcoins of the specialist in the


field of blockchain technologies, as well as the general


director of the cryptocurrency exchange EXMO.


The team of the AGNUM project is the professionals


of the business. By general vote it was decided not


to disclose personal data of members of the team


working on the project in order not to expose them


to possible influence and danger from third parties


thereby ensuring high level of safety of storage and


use of AGN tokens.
AGNUM team members have sufficient experience

and knowledge in the field of IT, web development
and cryptocurrency. By the general vote of AGNUM
team it was decided not to involve third-party advisers,
and the saved budget to invest in AGNUM crypto-portfolio.
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