Still with me yunita who will give you all information about platform related to crypto world. This time I will discuss about a very good platform for you, the platfrom is AGRIVITA. For more details let’s see this explanation from me.


Agrivita farm is a new view of agriculture in Russia. As a base of years of experience in agriculture, scientific knowledge and development produces ecological and rational natural management fields, as well as European eco-production standards, we create ecologically high quality and clean products. Guided not only by standard requirements, but also with the voluntary principle of careful use of land resources, we safeguard nature and improve ecology.

You become a project participant that involves pure ecological products. Investments in tokens are secured by real goods, meaning organic products are grown in Agrivita farm. Interest income. The ability to convert AGR tokens into crypto-currencies at any time (high liquidity).

Healthy Soil – Agriculture is done on land that has been tested for the ecological compatibility of the soil.

Quality control – At all stages, “from field to table,” the stringent requirements of eco-certified production.

Absence of complete chemicals – An organic farming feature is the complete abandonment of transgenic and inorganic fertilizers.

Animal Health – Special attention is given to the condition of animal preservation, based on the principle of naturalness and humanity.

Scientific Approach -Our team includes a pedologist-environmental scientist who applies modern science achievements in agriculture.

Pure flavors-The taste of fresh vegetables, fresh milk, chicken tenders are the organic farm that gives us.

Clean area-Within a radius of 50 km from the farm there is no large and medium industrial production.

Trained Personnel Employees hire people who have undergone rigorous selection and specialized training in the intricacies of organic farming.

Ecosystem Conservation-Minimal impacts on animals, plants and soils allow for a natural balance of ecosystems.


Date: 02.02.18 – 10.02.18
Number of tokens: 300,000 AGR
Token Rate: 1 AGR = 0.6 $ sold 40%
Start PRE-ICO: 12:00 (GMT)


Ability to exchange goods
Stable interest income
Ability to convert AGR token into crypto currency anytime.


Date: 16.02.18 – 16.03.18
Number of tokens: 1 200 000 AGR
Token Rate: 1 AGR = 1 $
Start ICO: 12:00 (GMT)

ETH can be used to buy AgriCoin only

We offer you as long as ICO to join Agrivita’s organic farming community to get an investment in tokens, secured by real goods, which means organic products are grown on Agrivita farms, which provide stable interest income. Agrivita is a project to create environmentally friendly production based on a working farm located in the Iznoskovsky district in the Kaluga region.


By joining ICO you join the Agrivita community.
The main goal of society is to create a professional ecological cluster in Russia.
Eco-friendly products grown in Agrivita Ecofarm will be delivered to members of the Agrivita community. Its products will also be available to everyone, who wants to eat healthy food products. Anyone can become a member of the Agrivita community.
The ease and transparency of the investment process (savings, contribution) for the Agrivita community are key components for ICO.


Anyone can become a member of ICO Agrivita on his power
Pre-ICO starts at 01.02.18 to 09.02.18
Interest rate in fiduciary currency during Pre-ICO: 1 AGR = 0.6 $
During Pre-ICO 0.3 million AgriCoin tokens (AGR) will be issued
ICO starts at 15.02.18 to 15.03.18
During ICO 1.2 million AgriCoin tokens (AGR) will be issued
Token rate in fiduciary currency: 1 AGR = 1 $
ETH can be used to buy AgriCoin only
As soon as the requested amount of AGR has been collected, the AgriCoin token will
transferred to investor’s account.


Our goal is to attract 1.5 million AGR due to the large number of investments to expand agricultural production facilities of Agrivita organic agriculture. The funds raised will be used for the development of organic infrastructure.

Benefits for investors, who buy AGR tokens

You become a project participant that involves pure ecological products. Investing in tokens secured by real goods means organic products grown on Agrivita farms.

Interest income.
The ability to convert AGR tokens into crypto-currencies at any time (high liquidity).

Early token circulation

The token transfer possibility will be launched automatically if successful completing ICO (the required amount is collected within the specified timeframe). Then the token will be introduced in the second market by adding a new pair with the token on various stock exchanges and stock exchanges. Before the token can only be purchased at ICO and not by any other means.

Buyback token

Month after token launch, the possibility to buy back tokens for ether will be launched at the price of one token per 1 USD. The fixed amount in the ether will be repurchased monthly. A user must buy back by sending a token at a special address, after which the ether will be forwarded from the contract address in the user’s address. If it exceeds the buyback limit, the token will be returned to the investor. Tokens can be bought back only during the first three years after the procedure begins.

Stock goods

Exchange items must be made 14 months after token launch by sending tokens at custom addresses. Here, agricultural products purchased with AGR tokens will be ignored. This means that each token holder can redeem to the product by selecting it on During ordering, QR code-the wallet address must be made to transfer the token. After successfully forwarding AGR enough, the product will be given to members of the Agrivita community for free.

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