Agrivita farm is another perspective of agriculture in Russia. Taking as a premise numerous times of involvement in agribusiness, logical learning and improvement brings about the field of biology and sound nature administration, and European norms of eco-generation, we make high caliber and naturally clean products. Guided by the prerequisites of the standard, as well as by willful standards of watchful utilization of soil assets, we protect nature and enhance environment.
Healthy Soil
Agriculture is conducted on soil that has been tested for ecological compatibility of the soil
Quality control
At all stages, “from field to table,” the stringent requirements of eco-certified production
Absence of complete chemicals
The organic farm feature is a complete abandonment of GMOs and inorganic fertilizers.
Animal Health
Particular attention is paid to the condition of animal preservation, based on the principle of naturalness and humanity.
Scientific Approach
Our team includes expert pedologists-environmental experts who apply modern science achievements in agriculture.
Pure taste flavors
fresh vegetables, fresh milk, chicken tenders are what organic give to us.
Clean area
In a radius of 50 km from the farm there is no large and medium industrial production.
Trained Employees employ people who have undergone rigorous selection and specialized training in the intricacies of organic farming.
Ecosystem conservation
Minimal impacts on animals, plants and soils allow for maintaining a natural balance of ecosystems.
You become a participant of the project involving manufacturing ecologically pure products. Investments in tokens secured with real goods, meaning organic products grown at Agrivita farm. Stable interest income. Ability to convert AGR tokens into crypto-currency at any time (high liquidity).
Nowadays more and more people follow the principles of healthy lifestyle, take care of ecology and environment.
But is it easy to find a truly organic product in the stone jungle of the megapolis at a reasonable price?
Do you get pleasure in taste of milk from a supermarket? How to provide yourself and your loved ones with natural and healthy products?
Delicious, natural products registered with a quality mark, for you and your loved ones — all this is possible thanks to the project Agrivita.
Certified by European standards eco-farm Agrivita produces organic products available to every family.
The technology that resulted from the work of several generations of farmers, together with a scientific approach — the basis of our work.
The purpose of ICO
The goal is to attract 1, 5 million AGR due to the investment crowd to expand the agricultural production facilities of Agrivitan agriculture and agriculture. The money raised will be used for the construction of organic and natural structures.
ICO Terms
Anyone can become a member of ICO Agrivita on his possessions
Pre-ICO starts at 01. 02. 18 to 09. 02. 18
Token rate in fiduciary currency during Pre-ICO: 1 AGR equals 0, 6 $
During the Pre-ICO 0, 3 million AgriCoin (AGR) wedding will be awarded
ICO starts at 12–15. 02.18 to 12–15. 03. 18
During the ICO 1, 2, 000, 000 AgriCoin token (AGR) to be issued
Small rate in fiduciary money: 1 AGR = 1 $
ETH can be used to buy AgriCoin only
When the required amount of AGR has just been collected, the AgriCoin token will be transferred to the investor’s account
Benefits for investors
Ability to exchange for goods
Stable interest income
Ability to convert AGR tokens into crypto-currency at any time
By taking part in ICO you join Agrivita community.
Main objective of the community is to create a professional ecological cluster in Russia.
Ecologically friendly products grown at Agrivita Ecofarm will be delivered to members of Agrivita community. The products will be also available for all people, who want to eat healthy foods products. Anyone can become a member of Agrivita community.
Convenience and transparency of the investing process (deposits, contributions) for Agrivita community are the key components for ICO.
ICO Objective
Our objective is to attracts 1,5 million AGR due to crowd-investing to expand production facilities of Agrivita organic agricultural farm. Collected funds will be used for construction of organic infrastructure.
Token exchange for goods
Exchange shall be carried out 16 months after launch of tokens by sending bridal party at a special treat. Here, farm products purchased with AGR tokens will be discounted. It means that any token holder can exchange them to products by selecting them at agrivita. ru. During ordering, a QR-code of the wallet address will probably be made to transfer bridal party. After successful forwarding sufficient AGR, the product will be provided to a member of Agrivita community free of charge.
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