Agrivita farm is a new view of agriculture in Russia. Taking as a basis many years of experience in agriculture, scientific knowledge and development results in the field of ecology and rational nature management, as well as European standards of eco-production, we create high-quality and ecologically clean products. Guided not only by the requirements of the standard, but also by voluntary principles of careful use of soil resources, we preserve nature and improve ecology.
You become a participant of the project involving manufacturing ecologically pure products. Investments in tokens secured with real goods, meaning organic products grown at Agrivita farm. Stable interest income. Ability to convert AGR tokens into crypto-currency at any time (high liquidity).
• Healthy Soils
Farming is conducted on land that has been tested for ecological compatibility of soils
• Quality control
At all stages, “from field to counter,” strict requirements of certified eco-production
• Complete absence of chemicals
A feature of organic agriculture is the complete abandonment of GMOs and inorganic fertilizers.
• Animal Health
Special attention is paid to the conditions of animal maintenance, based on the principles of naturalness and humanity
• Scientific approach
Our team includes scientists pedologists-environmentalists who apply the achievements of modern science in agriculture.
• Pure taste
The taste of fresh vegetables, fresh milk, tender chicken meat is what organic farming gives us.
• Clean area
Within a radius of 50 km from the farm there are no large and medium-sized industrial production.
• Skilled personnel
The farm employs people who have undergone strict selection and special training in the subtleties of conducting organic farming.
• Conservation of the ecosystem
Minimal impact on animals, plants and soils allows maintaining the natural balance of the ecosystem.
PRE-ICO Provisions
Token amount:300 000 AGR
Token rate:1 AGR = 0,6 $ sale 40 %
Start PRE-ICO:12:00 (GMT)
Ability to exchange for goods
Stable interest income
Ability to convert AGR tokens into crypto-currency at any time
Token amount:1 200 000 AGR
Token rate:1 AGR = 1 $
Start ICO:12:00 (GMT)
ETH may be used to buy AgriCoin only
We offer you during the ICO to join Agrivita organic eco-farm community for investments in tokens, secured with real goods, meaning organic products grown at Agrivita farm, which provide stable interest income. Agrivita is a project to create an environmentally friendly production based on a working farm located in the Iznoskovsky district of Kaluga region.
By taking part in ICO you join Agrivita community.
Main objective of the community is to create a professional ecological cluster in Russia.
Ecologically friendly products grown at Agrivita Ecofarm will be delivered to members of Agrivita community. The products will be also available for all people, who want to eat healthy foods products. Anyone can become a member of Agrivita community.
Convenience and transparency of the investing process (deposits, contributions) for Agrivita community are the key components for ICO.
Anyone can become a member of ICO Agrivita at his/her descretion
Pre-ICO starts in 01.02.18 till 09.02.18
Token rate in fiduciary currency during the Pre-ICO: 1 AGR = 0,6 $
During Pre-ICO 0,3 million AgriCoin (AGR) tokens will be issued
ICO starts in 15.02.18 till 15.03.18
During ICO 1,2 million AgriCoin (AGR) tokens will be issued
Token rate in fiduciary currency: 1 AGR = 1$
ETH may be used to buy AgriCoin only
As soon as required amount AGR has been collected, AgriCoin tokens shall be
transferred at investors’ accounts.
Our objective is to attracts 1,5 million AGR due to crowd-investing to expand production facilities of Agrivita organic agricultural farm. Collected funds will be used for construction of organic infrastructure.

Beginning of token circulation
The possibility of token transfers will be launched automatically in case of successful completion of ICO (the required amount collected within the designated time period). Then tokens will be introduced at the second market by adding new pairs with such token in various stock exchanges and exchangers. Before that tokens may be purchased only at ICO and in no other way.

Repurchase of tokens
Months after the launch of a token, the possibility of repurchasing a token for ether will be launched at the rate of one token per 1 USD. The fixed amount in ether will be repurchased every month. A user shall repurchase by sending tokens at a special address, after which ether will be forwarded from the contract address at the user’s address. In case of exceeding of repurchase limit, tokens will be returned to investors. Tokens may be repurchased only during first three years after the beginning of the procedure.

Token exchange for goods
Exchange shall be carried out 14 months after launch of tokens by sending tokens at a special address. Here, farm products purchased with AGR tokens will be discounted. It means that any token holder can exchange them to products by selecting them at During ordering, a QR-code of the wallet address shall be generated to transfer tokens. After successful forwarding sufficient AGR, the product will be provided to a member of Agrivita community free of charge.

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