Agrivita projects for the world agriculture system. Agrivita try to maintain healthy food for all. Therefore, they develop a platform for the organic food and maintain Europe standard for the entire agricultural product. In the present days, all the agricultural farms are try to use chemical on the field as produce more product. However, it gradually spoilt our health and the ecological system as well as the environmental elements. Therefore, Agrivita develop a platform and encourage to the farmer to produce agro product by the organic and natural way without harm any natural components. We develop the way to produce huge product with organic way. Thais is Agrivita major goal.

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Agrivita New features.

As our main concern with grow the plant with the organic way. Therefore, we develop the some way to growing organic food. We take some action against the chemical. All the Agrivita features information are available in the

Genetically modified organisms: We garter agro specialist to develop over the genital modify over the crops. As they, produce more produce in a same land and without any harmful chemical. Our expert always examines the crops and observed their all data to make new species for huge production with organic way and make the balance to the ecological stability.

Mineral fertilizers: For the better production and demotist for the chemical fertilizer and another, which is harmful for the human health and the ecological system, we produce mineral fertilizer for the agro production. Mineral fertilizer has no harmful elements.

Chemical plant-protecting agents: We develop and foundation agents against the chemical plats production. Their main duty to find out the firm, which use chemical plant and take relevant legal action over the firm. As a result, we can make sure as an organic production from the firm.

Benefits of the Organic Product

Organic product has many benefits. However, the major benefits are human health and the environment system over the natural ecological system. The organic farming systems do not harm the natural system and provide important vitamins, iron and other mineral to the human body. Therefore, there is no chance to chemical reactions over the human health and the ecological cycle.

· Local renewal resources and elements integrated with the farming system and change the human perception about farming system.

· Adoption organic farming system may reduce the farming expanse and increasing the production over the farming system

· The organic farming system ensures and cares of the future generation and provides them a healthy agro product as well as healthy environments.

· Organic farming system also provides and maintains the environmental stability, which is connected with the ecological system. Soil, water, and the air become fresh and healthy for the all-human race.

Agrivita Projects

Agrivita organic farming projects concise over two major elements.

1. Organic Plant Growing

2. Organic Cattle Breading

All the agro projects operation is running over these two components. However, human using chemical for more production it gradually killing ourselves. Therefore, Agrivita projects run for protection this current framing operation system.

Organic Plant Growing:

The Organic plant growing projects over the three stage operations.

Stage 1:

· In the stage, we operate the operation to collect and gather high quality of the raw material for the organic farming system. we try to find out the chemical free raw material for the maximum production

· Agrivita always monitor every part of the operations. To maintain quality full product and raw material. Definitely monitor over the organic system to provide chemical free plant.

Stage 2:

· Land cultivation system make sure only mechanical instruments for the organic farming using crop rotation methods without any chemical substances.

· We make sure 90% sowing overt the land as organic farming system to grow the plat for the high quality product. The last 10% sowing area become producing organic high quality seed for the next plantation of the raw material.

· Only organic fertilizer use for the farming operation to produce chemical free product and healthy plants.

Stage 3:

· We provide high tech and natural storage system for the harvesting the crop for special storage.

· After the storing, the crop the sent to the processing unit for produces many agro products. It must be going throw over organic processing. We do not using any chemical or the pest chemical to protect the crop we use natural incidents to protect the crops and the agro products.

· After that, we proceeding and packing the product and keep safe for the final users.

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Organic Cattle Breading

All the operation over the organic cattle breading are dependents no the three stages.

Stage 1:

· We selecting healthy and cattle for the breeding operations.

· Cow breeds were also selected taking into account organic feed diets and maintenance conditions

Stage 2:

· Loose keeping of cows.

· Spacious poultry houses without cages.

· Free range.

· Constant care of and monitoring over animals.

· Trained veterinarians.

· Own-produced organic feed.

· Growth hormones and other hazardous drugs are not used.

Stage 3:

In the stage 3, we maintain the product and packing the product and storage the product. We ensure all the operation over the organic operations. Here we also provide high bread cattle to other farm for next production. We develop high-level logistic support for the logistic operations.

PRE-ICO Provisions

  • Date: 02.02.18–10.02.18
  • Token amount: 300 000 AGR
  • Token rate: 1 AGR = 0,6 $ sale 40 %
  • Start PRE-ICO: 12:00 (GMT)

Benefits for investors:

  • Ability to exchange for goods
  • Stable interest income
  • Ability to convert AGR tokens into crypto-currency at any time

ICO Provisions

  • Date: 16.02.18–16.03.18
  • Token amount: 1 200 000 AGR
  • Token rate: 1 AGR = 1 $
  • Start ICO: 12:00 (GMT)

Agrivita organic farming projects made a new platform over the farming idea. We provide token for exchange and the token available in our website as The token system over the Blockchain network and the crypto world. Because crypto world in a decentralize system over the world and world recognized system. Therefore, that people can exchange their toke as currency all over the world. Other extra features are smart wallet system. The smart wallet system run over the network as people can use it from anywhere. Agrivita platform major concern is to develop the organic farming system over the world. We ensure to maintain the Europe standard system. Which is collaborate with Euro-leaf system.

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