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Hi a good readers, see again with me and with my recent article. The world cryptocurrency at this very developed and very rapidly. Because Cryptocurrency thriving very rapidly so a lot of the new project also in the world cryptocurrecy ,, the name of project is Agrocoin project.

Since Cryptocurrency came to the existence of in 2009 until today. Since it has been very volatile in nature. Have a lot of people who have started to know and understand about the invested need. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, anonymous and electronically. The world crypto lovers very happy to be know’s and assume that’s a right way to investment in the future .. even they called as money in the future

Agrocoin is the incorporation of science and technology in producing and utilizing plants for food,fuel,fiber and environmental applications such as reclamation,Agrokimatologi,Agro Industry With by based blockhain technology .Agrocoin which aims to give experience to the public about how to manage of the agriculture results in order into a food turn that is already to be marketed to different parts of the world.

We know that food industry is a very promising business and very profitable. Because food is a need every day for the human basic,so people will always need food for their life. This is an important factor for demands of human about this food importance for their survival.In addition there is an important factor that we need to solve,namely factors about the goods of delivery for customers who are outside the country. All that can not be separated from the government interference to resolve this issue of delivery cost,excise duty or shipping tax we have must to pay.

AGRO Exchange will be available on one of the top IEO Exchanges – “LATOKEN” @latokens on 27th March 2019.
Stay tuned..
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Agrocoin was created as a means of exchange and means of payment between users and is a exchange of tool to the Agro-industry market. Supported by the exchange platform technology of,agrocoin will be the official means of among payment the users in the engaged agro-industry. Through the exchange platform,is expected to farmers and users can freely make transactions of purchase and sale with a per 2 per system in absence of an intermediary binding.

Therefore Agro Exchange come to solve the problems. Because agro Exchange is an exchange-based blockhain by using per 2 per technology system. Namely is the exchange providing that is close cooperation between all users with one another without of intermediaries use, even in a though whole world. Agro Exchange is the engaged company in agricultural technology and food which was founded in Estonia with a European licence that is valid and certification.And as smart contract Through users and registered customers can sign in through the smart contract’s, share information and conduct exchange transactions for the sake of knowing about the price of a staple that there are at this time.
In there addition is an important factor that we need to solve,namely factors about the goods of delivery for customers who are outside the country. All that can not be separated from of the government interference to issue resolve about delivery of cost,excise duty or shpping tax that must we have to pay.
Get AGRODEX mobile App,which you can dounload in geogle playstore developing is for to quickly agricultural productivity without the bureaucracy that makes time to be wasted.And as for the features of the mobile Application “AGRODEX” includes the following :
-Find your new business for the purpose to market the product your farm to make it more widely
-know and understand about the latest price available on the market today.
-And Another advantage of the “AGRODEX” mobile Application is to give you ease in selecting and knowing which products approximately that are in demand by the public at this time.

•Smart contract
With By using Contract Smart Ethereum users and traders can not the trade exchange transactions perform of what in name is personal or company without the AGRO intervention. Because AGRO is a company that is serving specializes the exchange in food and agriculture engaged.

•Low fees
AGRO is Ethereum Platform with by based blockhain technology that uses a per 2 per system, and is a decentralization Platform,to serve the customers and traders with the lowest cost offering in every trade and exchange transaction.

•Friendly Platform.
As a Platform-based agriculture and food industry, AGRO very supportive about the presence of environmentally friendly energy and apply a system. Platform that is very friendly for its users to be in use by the farmers which include general in globally .

•user friendly,
in order to increase productivity in producing more products,the user and the trader will be given the opportunity to ask AGRO team of in order and to find solutions for improving the results of your farm.

•Exchange through a smart contract .
With a Uses Blockchain technology system based on the smart contract all users and traders are free to trade without only through a Platform,freely and without intermediaries.

•Trading system based on the Blockchain.
Based blockhain trading System this technology makes trading more transparent, can be done from various places in real time,because only through a system of algorithms AI,users and traders could find a fair price.

TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY : 600,000,000
HARDCAP : 72 Million
SOFTCAP : 5.76 Million


Token Sale Program : 60%
Reserve Fund : 8%
Team and Founders : 15%
Board Advisors : 4%
Development : 7%
Marketing and Bounty : 6%


Technology Development : 40%
Business Expansion : 12%
Marketing & Promotion : 20%
Legal & Regulation : 10%
Operational & Administration : 8%
Misc & Reserve : 10%


-Origin of the idea by the Founders -Conversion of Idea into a Business Plan

-Developing Core Team
-Company Establishment
-Developing the Agro Token

-Technical Architecture
-Phase 1 Android and IOS App Development
-Starting Pre Sale

-Started Level 1 Marketing
-Phase 2 App Completion
-Completed Team Building

-Started Bounty
-Expanding Advisory board
-IEO Preparation

MARCH 2019
-Updating Mobile Apps
-Agro Exchange UI/UX Phase 1

APRIL 2019
-IEO Sale Phase 1

MAY 2019
-IEO Sale Phase 2
-Level 1 Exchange Development –Team expansion

JUNE 2019
-IEO Sale Phase 3
-Token Distribution
-Office Expansion

-Full functional AGRO Exchange -Launch with Agro coin trading

-Connecting third-party online exchanges for AGRO coins

-Creating a secure transaction system on the Agrodex marketplace


-Marat Kabdullin
-Maxat Abilkassym
-Erlan Bigozhin
-Chetna Chhabra
-MK Hasan
-Espen Olsen
-Victor Amaechi
-Andrew Willis
-Olivia Bisi .O.
-Benjamin Dela Cruz Jr
-JohnPaul Idoghonoba
-Anant Sachdeva
-Arpit Sharma
-Giovanni Casagrande
-Abhishek Singh
-Timo Trippler
-Hamza Khan

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