Let me to tell you just little about journey of bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency. That we know if bitcoin come and to be created by satoshi Nakamoto and until now more effloresce. That all is the existence inseparable from an knowledge public increase about a cryptocurrency is importance in our daily lives. and the community has understood about of investing is very importance for their future.

Ahrvo is a financial technology company that allows traders and investors you Can invest properly. Ahrvo is a commission trading platform that provides opportunities for investors and traders to the stock market consistently. And By using Ahrvo and AhrvoScores’s multi-factor system, Ahrvo uses predictive analytics and mining pattern techniques to be able to exploit data that aims to provide traders and investors with the option to get the best shares as desired. And Ahvro was founded in March, precisely in 2017, Ahrvo has created an environment for traders and other traders to create a mutually beneficial situation, can discuss and explore strategies among traders. And Ahrvo is a combination of value, momentum, quality, and optimal growth factors and is highly correlated with the performance of stock prices in the future.

About :

The new blockchain project aims to complement this future, the main goal of which is to bring all trade calculations to the most liquid position, as well as to provide a reliable environment for the settlement and coordination of all internal issues within the peer-to-peer network. Called the project AhrvoDEEX. In simple terms, AhrvoDEEX is a new decentralized exchange whose mission is to provide an enhanced opportunity for each individual participant of the system. Where anyone will find reliable and highly effective tools to conduct their investment and market relations, as well as be able to create any level of wealth with the help of brokerage tools.

Advantages and Features

AhrvoDEEX in more detail, this company was registered in 2017, representing a multi-factor ranking system and Ahrvo Scorest for both investors and traders. After all, AhrvoScorestM has its own asset valuation model, their in-depth analysis and advanced analytical forecast, within which users will be able to fix their decisions consciously and with the maximum benefit for themselves. Moreover, the whole system is protected by a patent, which makes it unique among its kind.

At the same time, by the analytical characteristics, Ahrvo has a number of additional functions and privileges, the use of which implies:

holding monthly investment competitions, following the results of which the best participants will be rewarded with cash prizes and other pleasant opportunities;

create your own sorting compositions, choosing from more than 300 industries, the best investment themes;

seeing traders about any violations and much more.


Ahrvo will use its own token in order to simplify all internal processes within the system and provide its users with the most favorable conditions. To be called a marker will be as the draft — Ahrvo. The symbol of which will be denoted as — RVO. Just for the development AhrvoDEEX system will allocate 500 million coins. Of these, only 40% will be allocated for public sales, with the intention to collect from them a Hard Cap of $ 50 million.

The distribution of tokens:

Company Overview :


Empower investors to make better decisions.


To create intuitive investing solutions that enable wealth creation.


Millions of people worldwide want to get involved in the equity market but find stocks confusing. The demands of everyday life leave many with little time to read brokerage reports and company financials or listen to earnings calls and investor presentations.

This makes it hard to keep a pulse on the 8,000+ stocks and ETFs listed on NYSE and Nasdaq and the tens of thousands more across the globe. Another barrier to entry for prospective stock market participants is knowledge and the lack of social investing platforms that give unbiased and objective trading advice.


Ahrvo is a financial technology company created in March 2017. Ahrvo’s proprietary multi-factor ranking system and resulting AhrvoScorest help investors and traders of all backgrounds discover stock market winners and make timely and profitable investment decisions among more than 8000 stocks and ETFs.

Ahrvo’s proprietary stock-scoring model uses predictive analytics and data mining techniques to uncover and exploit patterns found in historical and projected stock market data in order to consistency find the best stocks. AhrvoScores are derived using the four main drivers of stock price performance — Quality, Value, Growth, and Momentum.

Each factor adjusts to stock market conditions creating consistently robust AhrvoScores. It is simple: stocks with high AhrvoScores consistently outperform the market; stocks with low scores underperform. This streamlines the stock discovery process as a group of top rated investment ideas is curated for users daily.

Ahrvo’s patent-protected software integrates quantitative and social investing, creating an environment to find profitable trades and engage other traders and investors to discuss and explore strategies. Ahrvo hosts an investing competition with monthly cash-prizes and rewards. Users have the ability to create their own public or private league(s) and invite friends and family to compete.

Ahrvo ranks over 300 industries and investment themes. Users can sort stocks within an industry or theme by composite (AhrvoScore), value, growth, momentum, or quality scores in order to find stocks that meet their criteria. Ahrvo offers zero-commission equity trading for a low monthly fee, and real-time stock triggers notify traders when parameters are breached. Other features include quantitative company profiles and proprietary signals that keep traders one step ahead of the market.

Ahrvo’s proprietary equity scoring model looks at over 4 dozen subfactors that are highly correlated with price performance, subsequently grouping them into four main factors. For the past ten years, our system has consistently outperformed the stock market (benchmark Russell 3000 w/dividends). The model’s performance report was generated by a third-party firm, EQM Capital LLC.

In Q3 2018, we began integrating equity scores with our neural network platform in order to predict future stock ranks. In doing so, an investor can position their portfolio accordingly ahead of time. For example, if the neural network predicts the momentum score of a stock will fall by ’n’ over the next ’n’ days, an investor may trim exposure or sell the holding all together. Other neural network applications include but are not limited to predicting future price targets, optimizing asset allocation, and portfolio management.

ICO Token Details:

To contact Ahrvo visit our website: https://ahrvo.io / https://ahrvo.com

or write to us via email: info@ahrvo.io

Whitepaper : http://ahrvo.io/public/frontend/documents/Ahrvo-Whitepaper.pdf

Ann thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5125369

I invite you to join this Dedicated # Community HERE, as well as to follow they work on:

Telegram Community: https://t.me/Ahrvo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AhrvoApp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AhrvoInvestingApp
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ahrvo
Medium: https://medium.com/@ahrvo
Bitcointalk username: cryptokoosa
Bitcointalk link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2559750


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