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From the start, the cryptocurrency industry has grown, accommodating the latest technology and advanced trading features to make cryptocurrency trading an easy achievement for all. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by the crypto market is one example.

AI advances benefit not only traders, but the entire crypto ecosystem. This system is designed to assess user behavior and determine trading conditions that arise as a result of stress, FOMO, panic, greed or other relevant emotions that are beyond human control, and difficult to analyze or measure. Based on the input and lessons presented, the AI ​​system is then able to carry out orders efficiently in a way that is calculated without prejudice by the emotional factors that affect people. In turn, investors who use advanced trading systems tend to benefit from such trade.

AI-based trading solutions continue to be improved, and there is still time for them to reach perfection. At present, AI assistants are able to provide a lot of valuable information but cannot fully replace human investors. They only support traders’ skills and knowledge by providing additional information that can help them avoid making potentially bad calls. In some cases, it can be said that placing an emotionless trade can work in other ways too.

Although there is still plenty of room for improvement in this sector, there are already a number of platforms that seem to be a cut above the others and also on their way to achieving the status of “Perfect AI Trader” in the near future. . One of them is AiBB AI Trading Assistant.

Apa itu AiBB

AiBB is a modern trading bot with the support of artificial intelligence. In this case, the use of artificial intelligence is determined by the desire of developers to provide their customers with quality tools for market analysis. Now it will be very easy to invest in promising cryptocurrency and other projects. It is almost impossible to predict market events, but artificial intelligence analyzes all available information to make the most realistic estimates. Thus, investors have the opportunity to use these instructions for further investment.
Basically, artificial intelligence will give you the best advice and advice to make the right investment at any time. This will use blockchain information not to predict the market, but to give you information that you can use yourself to find the best investment.

The new technology era involves the active introduction of artificial intelligence in many industries, AiBB developers are confident that their project will be truly successful and popular among investors.


  1. Price volatility – This situation occurs, first when there is a less accurate assessment of the underlying value of security and secondly where there is a lack of market depth.
  2. Buying crypto – There is no physical element in buying crypto because they cannot hide it in cash in a bank account.
  3. Poor earnings valuation – It’s a difficult task to properly assess investment in a new space. Early users make their way with limited tools and resources. Their investment transactions are not based on decisions that are counted, informed and educated but on speculation and emotion.
  4. Token loss and transfer time – Cryptocurrency transfer is quite tense and has the possibility of major errors. This is also a very time-consuming process.
  5. Incorrect information – The ICO market currently relies on intelligent evaluations of future products.


  1. AI Assistant – Ai AiBB’s assistant is designed to understand the full context of user requests. It collects data and provides users with information before human users execute or perform tasks. This ensures that data remains secure with minimal latency.
  2. Analytics – This platform saves time by providing accurate current information from thousands of data sources.
  3. Warning – This automatic warning system is designed to collect 24 × 7 information. Traders open positions on the exchange and tend to forget them. When a large surge in prices occurs, the user unconsciously closes his position and loses potential profits. AiBB helps grow portfolios by only anticipating markets ahead of trading orders.
  4. Token Authentication Protocol (TAP) – This is a smart and user-friendly way to verify the details of each transaction before sending any assets. Protocol removes user errors. The recipient application has precise information about which assets are entered and saves them to the correct token wallet. If the wallet address is not created, the application will make it and save funds to the correct wallet.
  5. A better way to trade – AiBB users have the ability to trade on various exchanges through secure and private API connections. The secure connection cuts minutes to seconds by trading directly from the application.
  6. Trade data – Users can see the number of orders executed to get a clear picture of purchase and sales orders. Getting information no longer requires entering in every exchange and seeing the data.
  7. Portfolio management automation – This is a module that automatically collects information from all connected exchanges. This gives users a clear picture of what their assets are worth. This helps reduce the need to have multiple applications for specific purposes. This simplifies trading while making it smarter.
  8. Fees – It provides a peer to peer trading platform and this reduces the fees charged by 3rd party exchanges on trading.
  9. Payment functionality – Payment solutions built into AiBB will provide direct payments to users and traders for goods and services through Crypto or Fiat. Users can send and receive fiat funds.
  10. Security layer and protocol – There is always fear of stolen assets. This platform prepares a firewall with several layers of security and also a learning module.


Pre-sale starts from July 25, 2018. Funds will be spent on business and operations, application development and marketing. The team working on the project consists of individuals who are experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, startup, and fintech?

How does AiBB work?

This program was built using the NLU, NLP ownership algorithm and blockchain ML analysis to find information about the best investment.
This program has many functions. This will be used to get instant insight into your market trading portfolio and tips and various statistics. Chat with your voice bot to take free time You will lose if you have to write and keep your property safe with a warning system that will contact you if there is suspicious activity in your account. your goods.

You can also invest directly from your mobile with the program, have access to your wallet and get advice and reviews about the latest ICO.
The company plans to make their program ready for use in 2018 and continue to develop it next year.

advantage of the platform Ibb

The AiBB developers use the modern algorithm NLU, NLP and ML for market analysis. This approach allows AiBB customers to get really relevant and important information that allows them to make profitable investments. The AiBB program is quite extensive, processes client requests, builds its own portfolio for each client – in the future, all information obtained is used for detailed market analysis and making necessary estimates. Thus, AiBB users will be able to receive timely data on all projects that promise to make profitable investments at the right time. What is the uniqueness of this trading bot? Not only in its relevance and safety. AiBB offers its customers a very convenient collaboration – you don’t have to always update information using written messages. You can communicate with bots at any time – it will analyze information and update existing data to immediately start looking for new investments. This is not offered by existing services – in many situations, voice commands are considered incorrect because bot algorithms are poorly thought out.

In addition, voice can be used as an element to ensure the security of your assets – it’s truly a reliable and convenient way to protect your own investment. It will be very difficult for fraudsters to deceive AiBB’s artificial intelligence and get access to the information needed. There is a special mobile application that allows abib customers to make profitable investments at lightning speed. It has a very simple interface, supported by most existing mobile devices.

How do you invest in AiBB?

If you want to invest in AiBB, the first thing you have to do is buy their AiBB card. Sales occur at the time of this report and the price of tokens will increase as sales continue.
Sales will take place in three phases:

Stage 1: 10% first token;
Stage 2: next token 25%;
Stage 3: 45% of the last token (20% of tokens will not be sold).
There are also discounts if you buy in large quantities.
You can buy cards using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but don’t Bitcoin Cash or Dash, for example, so if you only have electronic money, you have to exchange it before you actually invest in the company. This uses your electronic money. If you want, you also have the option to pay with paper money.

Token Distribution

Token sales used for our token sales are designed on
the ERC20 platform. This platform allows fast
transaction processing speed and better security due to
the programming loop protocol. We will switch to the SYSCOIN blockchain to allow
more transactions and increase
transaction speed in the next phase

Our team:




AiBB, an extraordinary initiative, will be the first assisted, decentralized application that facilitates a trading table with personal assistants for investors. Investors can choose from many exchanges to trade their cryptocurrency. This platform provides sophisticated AI tools and trading resources that are easy to understand in one easy-to-use application. This is the future of cryptocurrency trading.
In a world where there are a large number of Scam schemes, investors do not want to waste time trading bots as long as they are doubtful. But developers aibb are open to communication, they are ready to provide reports about the work done. Each of them already has several successful projects, so we can say that decentralization
aibb platform is a lucrative choice for people who want to invest their funds in the cryptocurrency segment today and always find profitable offers.

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