AiBB’s Project

About the AiBB Project

AiBB is an Artificial Intelligence aide that joins Ai, a few blockchain systems, keen contracts and managing account benefits in a solitary across the board application to outfit our clients with the choice power they have never had.

AiBB furnishes clients with every one of the devices they have to perform fruitful tasks, including an installment passage, customized portfolio the board, exchange forecast tips, creative Ai visit, and Ai security.

AiBB further encourages development in the cryptocurrency showcase by get-together dependable information, news, security and open support in the cryptocurrency space with the proper apparatuses and comprehension of its interests in a protected and solid decentralized platform.

AiBB is designed to be the main application helped by Ai that will end up being a totally decentralized platform that actualizes a few capacities and takes out the need to depend on third applications. Clients will have the capacity to do exchanges consequently in the absolute most fluid and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, maintaining a strategic distance from the destabilization that can happen when a cash exchange is compelled to retain a substantial volume exchange.

How AiBB Works

The program is assembled utilizing NLU, NLP and ML exclusive calculations that examine the blockchain in look for data about the best Project.

The program has various capacities. It will be utilized to get moment bits of knowledge about your portfolio and exchanging tips about the market, and in addition diverse measurements. Visit with the bot utilizing your voice to save time that you would lose in the event that you needed to compose and protect your benefits with their ready framework that will call you if any suspicious activity is found on your records.

You can likewise make speculations appropriate from your telephone utilizing the program, approach an individual wallet and get indications and surveys about the most recent ICOs.


AiBB Ai platform depends on licensed NLU, NLP and ML calculations that work with all modules.

Portfolio investigation

Get moment data on the execution of your benefits and know your total assets. Track every one of your exchangers, rates, and charges.

Artificial intelligence Trading Assistant

Exchange different exchanges from one application. Utilize the Ai right hand to set the arrangement parameters and set your leave system.

ICO Review

The privilege ICO can make you a ton of cash. Our investigation instrument finds shrouded diamonds and gives you a rundown of ICOs that you ought to consider.

Smart purse

You can safely bolt the entirety of your alt coins in your keen wallet. With highlights, for example, Wallet Safe and Withdrawal of coins, your coins cannot be stolen.

Artifical intelligence Chat

A NLU, NLP and ML talk work that works with all modules. Just request that AiBB play out an errand and AiBB will execute the direction.

Voice of Ai

Our implicit Crypto Ai partner enables you to talk characteristic dialect directions to perform different assignments inside AiBB. Consider it a GOOD GOOGLE for Crypto.

Keen exchange contracts

Business contracts are the surest method to exchange monetary standards in the advanced world. Keen contacts go about as a security store for your tasks while your monetary forms stay secure.

Security of Ai

We will probably limit any obscure correspondence to AiBB. It will be enveloped by its very own VPN and difficult to reach from the outside world.

Simulated intelligence Pay

You can make installments straightforwardly from your telephone with your crypto coins. By utilizing the NFC contactless installment include, you will have moment access to your money resources.


Value Volatility

Value instability occurs in two conditions: first, when there is an absence of precise evaluation of the hidden estimation of a security and second: where there is an absence of market profundity.

The principal issue can be settled through better data and financial specialist instruction in the cryptocurrency advertise and the second issue can be settled by means of expanding the volume of speculators.

This can be accomplished by bringing more market players into this space with the goal that nobody huge financial specialist can rule the specific cryptocurrency and take part in value control.

Purchasing Crypto

Preceding notwithstanding purchasing crypto, individuals have a thought that in light of the fact that there is no physical component to it, they cannot change over it into hard money in their ledger.

What’s more, they’re in part right! The procedure to subsidize crypto is to wire exchange (3-5 business days), e-exchange (a moment for the most part) or utilize a Mastercard (restricted sums) to send your cash to an outsider dealer or crypto found. To pull back you have to hold up at least 5 days for it to hit your financial balance.

We settle this by banding together with different exchanges and getting an EML (electronic money license) to change over crypto to fiat on the application effectively and quicker than any time in recent memory.


SOFT CAP: $1,250,000

HARD CAP: $25,000,000


The total number of TOKENS: Tokens 88,000,000

TOTAL RAISE: $25,000,000

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