AIDUS - Decentralized Global Fund Market

The Problem

Blockchain has opened new avenues for investment. Every day, many blockchain-based projects appear on the market to implement ICO to fund their projects, either new businesses or existing businesses. However, most projects are unable to raise the minimum funds needed, even investors who have given or promised investments are withdrawing their investments.

What is happening now is that most projects cannot be adopted into real life or cannot be used in the real economy. In addition, since the extraordinary increase in cryptocurrency prices at the end of 2017 until the beginning of 2018, currently the cryptocurrency price has dropped continuously. Uncontrolled price fluctuations make investors afraid to invest in this industry. On the other hand, the government also does not take clear steps towards cryptocurrency. These things are hindering incoming investment and the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Solution

AIDUS is a blockchain based project that focuses its business on the fund market. AIDUS is built on blockchain technology to form a decentralized fund market system that is safe and profitable for all participants in the AIDUS ecosystem, both for asset management companies and investors, with AIDUS token as the main currency in the ecosystem. The blockchain technology will provide many advantages in security and transactions. All information presented on the platform cannot be changed and the security of personal information and assets of investors is certainly safe. In addition, all transaction processes are supported by smart contracts so that transactions (signing and exchanging funds) can be carried out directly, quickly, accurately, and at a low cost.

AIDUS’s business consists of two services, namely QTS services and ADFP services.

  • Quant Trading System (QTS)

QTS is a system operated through the collection and analysis of large data in the last 30 years for foreign exchange (forex) trading. QTS has been studied for 15 years and has been commercialized 3 years ago. Report on AIDUS profit rate in using QTS until December 14, 2018 is + 103.08%.

  • AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform (ADFP)

ADFP is a platform for connecting global investors in a decentralized fund market. ADFP will provide free access to asset management companies to connect fund portfolios to global investors that enable asset management companies to attract many investors. On the investor side, investors will get easy access in their own language on the platform and only once register information, investors can access various products from various asset management companies.


Token name: AIDUS

Token symbol: AID

Total supply: 20 billion tokens

1 AID = 0.06 USD

Softcap: 3M USD

Hardcap: 100M USD


For those who are interested in buying AID, you can buy tokens at CoinBene until December 31, 2018 with a 25% discount. For more information, visit AIDUS website and read the whitepaper.




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