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All you need to know about AIDUS

The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a professional asset management platform in which global investors and asset management companies are able to use Blockchain technologies and SMART Contracts to safely and transparently create and settle into P2P (Peer-to-Peer) fund agreements. Various information regarding the settled fund agreements shall be registered in the Blockchain network and shall continuously be updated through the Oracles* Agent.

Project objective

Among the main objectives of the creators of the project AIDUS distinguish:

ensuring the protection of investors ‘ funds with the help of a stable cryptocurrency, which is recognized by the whole world;
the inclusion of cryptocurrency assets in the real economy;
creation of a decentralized stock market providing free access to the buying and selling process;
providing safe and highly profitable assets

This project, officially named as the ‘AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform (ADFP)’, is decentralized platform business by establishing a ‘decentralized fund market platform’ in which the AIDUS Coin will serve as the main currency that would be used for the signing and redemption of various fund portfolios.

The platform will connect global investors (the demand group for the asset management) with professional asset management companies, while it would supply the ‘Quant Trading System(QTS)’ to the asset management companies in order for them to create various high-profit fund items, all aiming at truly revolutionizing and establishing a new ecosystem of global asset management market. This ‘ADFP Business’ is the first ever unique project in the entire world that can only be pushed forward by the unique members here in the AIDUS Project Team

If investors have easy access to the fund information that they need and have some sort of navigation in their own languages, and if they don’t need to do go through stages of exchanges for foreign investments, and if it would be easy for them to request for a redemption or a reinvestment at maturity or mid-term of fund management period, there will be much freer environment to sign into various foreign fund portfolios.

Moreover, if it is easy for one to invest in each asset management company’s products once the personal information has been registered in the system, without the necessity to register individual information to various asset management companies, and if the personal information is safely stored without risk of being hacked or being exposed to any unauthorized use, investors will be able to sign into any types of foreign fund items. Of course, each country has a different regulation on the protection of personal information, so this area will be dealt with appropriate application on the local regulation and legal framework. If an asset management company has to enlist only the fund information, plus if they are given a free usage of the online platform that connects them and their fund portfolios to the global investors, the company will be able to secure and attract as many foreign investors as they wish.

If the fund portfolios are highly profitable and safe, investors will be more likely to sign into the fund, while the asset management company will be able to further expand in the securing of investors. In order to satisfy the various demands and necessities as abovementioned, the three fundamental core tasks by the AIDUS Project Team are as follow.

Token information:

Token Name: AIDUS

Token Symbol: AID

Total Issue Volume: 20,000,000,000 AID

Price: 1 AID=USD 0.06

Selling Coin: ETH

Soft Cap: US$10,000,000

Hard Cap: US$100,000,000

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