The market e-commerce that is currently a lively financial flow, many businesses are starting to divert their attention to this market, there are also companies that use this market to implement blockchain technology as a transaction and payment system, easy , guaranteed connectivity, transparency and low cost the choice for many companies to use blockchain technology into the world of e-commerce. I will exemplify here AIGO, a payment platform that integrates blockchain technology with credit cards, oke langsung saja

About AIGO

Aigo is a payment platform that integrates credit cards with blockchain technology as a payment system in the broad business world, cryptocurrency is considered the right solution as a current payment system, because it guarantees transparency, easy and low cost. the blockchain technology keeps all transactions clearly stored.

In the world of ecommerce, the purchase of using a digital currency is getting a lot of obstacles, we have to convert to fiat money, and spend a lot of fee for that. AIGO provides services that adopt many crypto networks, AI payments connect directly with retail owners, without having to go through intermediaries and others,AIGO builds a payment system by connecting credit cards and blockchain technology, this will add broad flexibility regarding payment, nowadays, the business world needs a complete payment system, join with AIGO which expands your payment options.

The core aspect of AIGO is to condition crypto as a mass adoption for payment, AIGOpay is the currency that will connect credit cards with a broad crypto network, this system will provide convenience for each transaction process without having to go through third step, Aigopay is equipped with technology that can overcome large volume payments.

Dunia bisnis menjadi pengadopsi awal teknologi AI , AIGO menyediakan layanan untuk Dompet dan pemerosesan transaksi didalam platform, AIGO memiliki Mitra strategis yang akan mewujudkan rantai pembayaran AI. semua info ,riwayat transaksi semua tersedia ddalam platform AIGO

AIGO is committed to providing payment for modern, easy technology. broad and transparent.

Aigo is currently in their IEO program, with the aim of introducing services through the use of AIGO tokens, if you are interested in joining their program please visit the following sites:


Screenshot_2019-07-10 AIGO Protocol – Crypto Payment Solutions(1).png


Screenshot_2019-07-10 AIGO Protocol – Crypto Payment Solutions.png

If you want to get more information about AIGO, please visit some of the sites below:


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