AIGO is rebuilding the payment space with flexibility and ease of use of credit cards for blockchain technology. We are developing a complete payment system that has needs in the business world. Expand and increase your payment options and start following the cryptocurrency today.
The Aigo project began years ago in the founding consciousness of Peter Voss that even the best software at that time, including his, was ‘fragile and stupid’, lacked common sense and reason. Any situation that is not anticipated by the programmer produces an unwanted response or damages the system. After leaving the successful ERP software company, Peter spent five years studying the basic concepts of intelligence. The journey includes philosophical and epistemological questions such as “what is reality?”, “What is knowledge?”, And “how do we obtain knowledge and certainty?” Peter explores the definition of intelligence; work on psychometric projects to understand dimensions of intelligence; learn the difference between animal and human intelligence; and learn about cognitive development in children. Of course,
For now, the dominant payment method is for online or offline purchases via payment cards (credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, etc.). The problem is the payment card developed in 1950, before the existence of personal computers and the internet. They were originally designed for offline transactions, where customers agreed to transactions by signing a manual receipt, payment cards were not designed to deal with modern fast-moving for our economy in the world. 
Their popularity is largely due to the lack of acceptable alternatives to electronic payments. The use of payment cards expands the anachronistic system, which means it suffers greatly from infrastructure inefficiencies.
AigoToken-based Ethereum Blockchain and AigoTokens use the ERC223 token standard. 
The ERC223 token standard provides many benefits for the Aigo Community including: 
• The function of smart contracts for safe trading and royalty distribution 
• Own governance and operations, management and efficiency are preferred 
• Transaction costs are lower than existing blockchain options 
• Increased data security 
• Complex smart contracts for royalty distribution 
• Instant and transparent accounting 
• Scalability with an increase in transaction volume 
Token allocation 
AigoTokens will be available for private pre-sales starting May 8, ending July 2018. Public crowdsale will be announced later. 
• A total of 100 million AigoTokens will be made. 
• 70 million (70%) of AigoTokens will be offered at a nominal cost of US $ 1.00 per token. AigoTokens that are not sold from this sale will be burned / destroyed. 
• The initial buyer will receive a bonus token. 
• There will be a limit of $ 40 million. 
• Users will be able to buy AigoTokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other currencies. 
• AigoTokens will be distributed at the end of the sale. 
• The remaining 30 million (30%) of AigoTokens will be used for operations, incentives and development. 
Up to 8 million of these will be allocated directly after sales to key company executives and shareholders, team members, advisors and those who play a role in Crowdsale operations. The remaining AigoTokens are allocated in the coming years as needed.
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