Aigo an Very New, Very Real Artificial Intelligence Assistant , not like Alexa or Siri …

Hello everbody welcome all of you . toady i am writing abount AIGO ico this very popolar ico so i thoght i must write about this first i want to tell this is artificial interlligence project there’s token sale is onglong .
together we are building a visionary community of like-minded users, creators, and owners of intelligent assistants. Individuals who seek to secure and own their personal assistants, communications, and data, who demand to be free of the large corporations and their agendas. We will never sell or share your personal data. (However, you are free to do so, if you wish.) The first and core product within the AigoStore is the ‘Aigo ExoCortex’ itself, our revolutionary personal personal assistant: In addition to the ExoCortex units, the AigoStore will facilitate secure buying and selling of specialized skills, upgrades to existing assistants and of custom Aigos created by the API community. You could put a whole army of custom Aigos to work for you, renting their skills to others and earning while you sleep. Future enhancements of the AigoStore will include community guided, developer management, user reputation management, reward programs, auction facilities and enterprise solutions.

Similar to the software in the late-nineties, AI is revolutionizing the consumer and enterprise markets as it becomes omnipresent. Eager to use this technology to enhance their personal and professional lives, people are turning to AI personal assistants. Unfortunately, today’s assistants such as Siri and Alexa are not very intelligent1. They don’t remember; they can’t hold meaningful, ongoing conversations; and they don’t have any common sense. This is quite frustrating, and severely limits their usefulness and adoption. What is worse, these limitations are inherent in their design and their maker’s philosophy.

Moreover, we can’t teach these assistants new complex skills, or personalize them. We have no way to use our creativity to customize and train them for our own use, or to trade our creations for mutual

In fact, we don’t own or control these assistants (or our data2 ) at all. We are beholden to the interests of various mega-corporation. We are the product3.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our vision involves a community of individuals who truly own and control their own super-smart, conversational personal assistants (PAs), and their data.

. . . a world where my highly-capable personal assistant learns my preferences and knows my history (to the extent that I want it to!) Where my PA interacts and learns from my network of friends and family, communicates and deals with other companies, services, and devices, including home automation and IoT. As it learns, it becomes more capable. Something more like ‘Jarvis’ or ‘Her’, and less like ‘Dory’ (or Siri, Alexa, etc.) – My ExoCortex.

We believe that your data is your personal property. We will not share or sell your data to anyone.

We foresee a secure trading and development platform of intelligent assistants and skills, spawning a vibrant and productive community that uses, creates, owns, and trades intelligence for the benefit of all. An ecosystem unlike any other, that provides seamless integration of multiple skills while maintaining individual ownership and control – overcoming the fragmentation and lack of ‘stickiness’ of current platforms.



oken AIGO


Price 1 AIGO = 1 USD

Bounty Available

Platform Ethereum

Accepting ETH

Minimum investment 5,000 USD

Soft cap 500,000 USD

Hard cap 20,000,000 USD

Country USA

Whitelist/KYC KYC**


 Very cool, what’s kind of like your pedigree or maybe like the diplomas hanging on the wall.

Honestly, a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve been with Peter since day one of founding the next generation after our commercial company and really been in charge if acquiring talent and making sure that we use our talent in the best ways. We’ve got assembled a great team of very smart people, on my team it’s a lot of cognitive psychologists, linguists, data scientists and then we also have programming teams as well but we really really are in the thick of it on a day to day basis really trying to figure out, how do we create more intelligence for the Aigo system.

Very cool, so I guess for the next couple of months we’re all gonna actually see this in use right. Where can people learn more and where can they buy one?

Well, go to and if you can participate in our token sale, that’s what’s going to expedite things and we’ll get intelligence to everyone.

Very cool, and so for people that want to invest, what’s kind of the token metrics and who can invest in your coin?

We’re doing a private sale so it’s for qualified investors in our presale, our presale opens next week officially but you can register right now. We’re offering it in the US and worldwide but only to qualified investors.

i think you must join with them because this the best project so you buy token and read there white paper and login there website you see lot of information links are below thank you very much ..
For details of this, it’s important to check for various links

    whitepaper :
    twitter :
  telegram :
     bounty :
        bitcointalk : 

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