AIGO blockchain ecosystem integrate

AIGO blockchain ecosystem integrates the Aigo Platform, AigoStore and the Aigo Community, giving birth to a network of productive technology pioneers and smart personal and personal assistants.

A community of private individuals who prefer to control their own data, experience, and destiny – and not be tied to big companies. A visionary community that seeks to use, create, own and trade intelligence for the benefit of all. Three synergistic elements of the ecosystem, the Aigo Platform, AigoStore, and the Aigo Community, dock with our blockchain and are connected via the AigoTokens exchange.

The advantage of our ecosystem is that all applications, skills and enhancements are built on the core of a general intelligence machine, which allows them to be seamlessly combined. Compare this with conventional application stores where each application stands alone, does not communicate or integrate with others.

Or, compare with the chatbot framework like Alexa, where each skill works separately and competes with Amazon’s core functionality. These two examples highlight the main difficulties that developers face on the current platform: limited and limited utility, as well as lack of use or ‘rigidity’.’s approach forms a new paradigm to provide a highly contextual and integrated user experience that is highly personalized and continues to grow and develop over time.


What is AIGO?

AI payments are designed to transfer values directly between the 2 parties, while not having to travel through associate degree negotiator (P2P). the fundamental style of this group action is “Push”, though this gal is also enough as a POC for cryptocurrency, it’s definitely terribly enough to form them use payment mistreatment
digital currency for contemporary trade.


AIGO’s Vision and Mission

At present there are several obstacles that forestall the acquisition of products with cryptocurrency if the holder doesn’t convert to order currency. Adopting several crypto payment networks like AI-Payment will cause holders of crypto currencies to be ready to interact directly with traders while not having to travel through further banking layers.


By promoting protocols for high and large transaction volume industries:

1. Early adopters
Early adopters are:
Leading businesses from various industries that have committed to the AI ​​Payment Chain. This trader is vol. significant processing can be done at the AIGO Ecosystem.

2. Launching Partners
We have carefully selected launch partners with the ability to realize the potential of AI Payments in the field of personal market skills. This market will enable people to empower, pay service fees, and destroy the current revenue allocation model.

3. AI Payment Pride
As part of a support system that will be developed to promote the adoption of AIGO tokens, we will incorporate applications as part of our wallets where only businesses have chosen to process with AI Payments.


How does it work?

In order for cryptocurrency to succeed over time, it must be a core aspect of the ecosystem it represents. The AI ​​Payment Ecosystem will be built entirely around the AIGOPay Token function. Aigo goal is to create a “De-jure & De-Facto” standard. AI payments for modern payments by adopting strong economic token support.



1. Wallet

The account dashboard is used to view account details and connect the wallet to the wallet. Wallet is the user’s private key holder. The A-Wallet will facilitate the interaction of bill payments and between accounts. This interaction consists of PullRequests, approves transactions, shows transaction history, and displays account balance.

2. Card

The platform that we will realize is where the payment system uses an ATM card (A-Card). We will disseminate A-Cards that can help overcome the solution of fiat currency withdrawals (Crypto Card Bank) and also to pay bills at no cost.

3. Store

A market that supports AI-System, the aim of this technique is to permit users to shop for product while not confirmation from the middle, that is instant while not important time lags. this is often one among the AIGO Platforms that has one thing distinctive from different e-Commerce..

4. Chain

AIGO can ab initio be introduced to the Ethereum network however intends to use alternative networks to develop signs within the future. The AIGO solution consists of several smart and unique contract components that are united to create a flexible AI Payment Chain.


Information Sale

1. Pre-Sales 1 July 2019 – 20 July 2019

1 AIGO = $ 0.002
Max Invest $ 1000 / Participant

2. Pre-sale supply:

500,000,000 AIGO
Softcap: 500,000 USD
IEO Pre-Sales on the Vindax Exchange

3. Crowdsale July 23, 2019 – August 31, 2019

1 AIGO = $ 0.003 – $ 0.005
Max Invest – $ / Participant

4. Supply of IEO sales:

500,000,000 AIGO

Softcap: 1,500,000 USD

Public Sales IEO on BitForex Exchange


Token Structure

1. Price of 1 AIGO token: 0.002 USD (Pre-Sales) & 0.003-0.005 USD (Primary Sales)

2. The period of sale of tokens: 30 days with the possibility of an automatic initial settlement in pursuit of the ICO final goal

3. Expanded objectives after the start of the ICO: Impossible

4. Technical limits on tokens: 1,000,000,000

5. Customized emissions: All unsold and unfilled tokens will be destroyed and additional releases from tokens will not be possible

6. Safe way to buy tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Tether (USDT)

7. Hardcap: $ 3,000,000

8. Softcap: $ 500,000


Distributor Tokens

17%: Special Funding

13%: Founder and Core Team

10%: Development and Products

5%: Marketing costs

3%: Advisor

2%: Community Campaign


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