AIGO rebuilt the payment room.


AI payments are designed to transfer values ​​directly between the two parties, without having to go through an intermediary (P2P). The basic type of this transaction is “Push”, although this gal may be enough as a POC for cryptocurrency, it is certainly very enough to make them use payments using digital currencies for modern trading. AIGO rebuilds the payment space with flexibility and ease of use of credit cards for blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology holds a big promise to change the payment industry:

The problem described in the previous section can be overcome by a peer-to-network blockchain payment base that allows flexibility and scalability of payment cards through a decentralized platform. Like Protocol, it can facilitate transactions between customers and traders, eliminate brokers along the way, save large amounts of funds for traders and customers, increase overall efficiency and reduce risk. The adoption of blockchain has the advantage of being able to increase the use of cryptocurrency for everyday transactions.

AIGOPay Economic Token:

In order for cryptocurrency to succeed over time, it must be a core aspect of the ecosystem it represents. The AI ​​Payment Ecosystem will be built entirely around the AIGOPay Token function. Our goal is to make standard “De-jure & De-Facto” AI payments for modern payments by adopting strong economic token support.

We have been careful when making a well thought out strategy:

1. Early adopters

2. Launch the Platform

3. Benefits of AI Payment

4. Third party extension services and products.

AIGO is imagined as a connection point for businesses and customers, where users can search for integrated businesses. We will benefit businesses that adopt AIGO tokens by directing customers to their platforms, thus offering them an edge over their competitors. AI AIGO payment chains allow traders to sell products and services in installments. But this puts traders at a potential risk that is not fully paid by the customer. Possible solutions include: Third-party credit companies prepare services that allow to discuss credit-related risks, to ensure risk-free trade without interruption.

Platform Components:

1. Chain

2. Wallet

3. Shop

4. Card

AIGO Smart Contract Token:

AIGO SmartContract is a smart contract that mediates and stores ownership of AIGO tokens between accounts. This is a modified version of the ERC-20 sign contract that adds flexibility to payment and transfer protocols. AIGO contracts tokens for ledgers used by AIGO to track balances associated with each address, such as tracking the transaction limits between users.

This is done by mapping all addresses for other mapping, it will also include mapping between this Contract and each of the Limits.

It is important to note that contract tokens will manage:

1. Approval from the Contract Creator

2. Tokens for the community

3. Contract executor.

AIGO Token (AIGO):

Tokens that will become the basis for the AI-Payment ecosystem. Token AIGO is a payment mechanism for traders to adopt the AIGO Chain. it will be built using the standard ERC-20 interface but will extend the money transfer process so that this method can be utilized. AIGO Token is designed differently from current Cryptocurrency because it allows all-on-one billing mechanisms to be implemented in a simple and flexible manner.

Token Sales Info:

AIGO’s personal sales have begun! it’s LIVE now!

Name of token: AIGO
Type: ERC20
Total supply: 100,000,000 AIGO
Price: $ 0.001 / 1 AIGO
Minimum Purchase: $ 50 Purchase
Maximum: $ 20,000
Receive: ETH, BTC and USDT

Tokens Distribution:

50%: Sales Tokens
17%: Special Funding
13%: Founder and Core Team
10%: Development and Products
5%: Marketing costs
3%: Advisor
2%: Community Campaign

Budget Allocation of Funds:

27%: Product Development.
39%: Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships.
12%: Operation
6%: Legal
16%: Management

Roadmap Development:

Under the road map, this provides a general development schedule for various platform components and the process can be adjusted according to the time needed.

Q4 2018

Startup Project Development
AIGO TGE Makes introductory projects in accordance with our company base
AIGO marketing research

Q1 2019

AIGO v1.0 Token (ERC-20)
AIGO is proud
SDK I – Allows the community to receive AIGO tokens
Blockchain Research
AIGO Pre-Sales and IEO Sales

Q2 2019 – Q4 2019

Testing the next generation of blockchain
Test A-Wallet v1.0 (Android, iOS, Chrome)
SDK II – Enables further integration
Allows the spread of contract pull parameters
SDK III – Enables integration with AI-Payment and third party extension services
A-Store v1.0 Testing (Website)

Q1 2020

Latest AIGO Blockchain Generation Launches ▪ Launch A-Wallet & A-Store v1.0
SDK IV – Enables integration with local banks regarding A-cards
Integration with initial users

Experience Team:

Teguh Saputra:
CEO, Co-Founder

Alfan Asyari:
CMO, Joint Founder

Bayu Rheza:
CTO, Joint Founder

Danang Juniar:
CSO, Co-Founde

Joshua Diver:
Head of Research

Tony Hartanto:
Head of Software Engineering

Upload Rizki:
Head of Investor Relations

Zaaref Knight:
Community manager


M Yusuf:
COO Amarossa Hotel Indonesia

Tony Oscar:
CEO of DeltaChain

Raghav Sawhney:
CMO Bient

Rennie S:
Founder of the Crypto Valley Singapore.

Yordan Lyanchev:
Co-Founder of YouOnlyBlogOnce

Jeffrey W:
Amnaya Founder

Lalit bansal: founder

Bharat Ghandas:
SEO-Digital Marketing

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