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About the AIO Casino

The AIO wants to create a platform that wants to put all sorts of casino games on one platform and allow players to be part of the casino. We decided to do this because most casinos only offer certain team-selected games, and in the evolving world players should also be involved in the success of the casino.

We want to set a Crypto Casino standard, in which the player can not only play all sorts of games and new games, but also directly involved in the success of the casino.

What is the AIO Casino?

AIO Casino is a cryptocurrency casino, which aims to connect all possible games in the gambling industry on one platform.

How it Works?

The AIO coin is an Ethereum Blockchain based ERC-20 token, which allows you to get some winnings from the casino. We decided to create the coin in the Ethereum Blockchain because this blockchain is a well-known, secure and universal solution that provides a high degree of transparency and diversity in how to secure and store tokens for their owners.

Instant Withdrawal

Instant deposit and withdrawal. Any user can immediately withdraw and deposit his coins, from his AIO Casino account, without any requirements.

AIO Holders Benefits

With AIO tokens you can participate in the profits of the company and vote for new games.

Community Driven

Our growing community of crypto casino players are our greatest asset and top priority. Feedback, ideas, and opinions are always welcome from our players.

Provably fair

Maximum transparency and security guaranteed by a fully decentralised solution and Smart Contracts.

Variety of games

A wide selection of games brings more variety to the player.


The AIO team will steadily improve the platform and also develop new games, as well as improve the current ones.

AIO Token

Token Sale Details

XX billion AIO Tokens will be issued. Each AIO token will initially be mapped into one corresponding ERC20 token on the Ethereum ecosystem as the AIO Casino ecosystem is currently being developed.

  • Token Name: AIO Token
  • Token Symbol: AIO
  • Total Supply: 2,900,000 AIO
  • Sale Supply: 2,030,000 AIO
  • Blockchain used: Ethereum
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Token sale price: To be announced
  • Soft cap: 175,000$
  • Hard cap: 635,000$

AIO Token

AIO Coins are ERC-20 tokens based on Ethereum Blockchain.

The main function of AIO tokens is to receive dividends from the casino if you want to “freeze” the coin.

Freeze feature

The Freeze option is one of the special features for AIO tokens. By freezing the coin, the user really gets it

freeze their coins and receive dividends from the casino. If the user freezes their AIO tokens, then this token will

stored for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the user receives his first dividend. In addition, users get the ability

to “melt” the AIO token. Dividends are paid to the user account every 12 hours.

Dividends are generated by betting commissions.

Metric Tokens

Token name: AIOcasino

Token symbol: AIO

Total Supply: 2,900,000 AIO

Supply of Sales: 2,320,000 AIOs

Blockchain used: Ethereum

Standard tokens: ERC20

TokenSalePrice: Will be announced

175,000 $ soft lid

635,000 $ hard hat


Q1 2019

Product Development / Concept Development

Token Development Development Offer

Q2 2019

Release Release white paper

Release website

◾️ Launch of the Bounty program

◾️ Private sales and Public Token Offers

Q3 2019

Listings List of First Exchange

◾️ Development of the AIO Lottery and new casino games

◾️ Launching Games: AIO Dice, AIO Moon, AIO Spin

◾️ Development and release of the alpha version of the AIO Casino

Q4 2019

Launch of AIO Casino Public beta launch

Expansion Global market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaigns

◾️ Release of the AIO Lottery system

Q1 2020

◾️ AIO casino is launched with full functionality

◾️ Expansion of the game

Improvements to the platform

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