AIO Casino is a cryptographic money gambling club, whose intention is to join every one of the games that may exist in the game business on one platform.Coin AIO is an ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain based token that enables you to get various club wins. We chose to make coins on the Ethereum blockchain, in light of the fact that this blockchain is a renowned, sheltered and widespread arrangement that gives an abnormal state of straightforwardness and decent variety in how to secure and store tokens for their proprietors.

Moment withdrawal Charging and moment withdrawal. Every client can promptly pull back and spare coins from his record at the AIO gambling club with no conditions. Favorable circumstances of AIO holders With AIO tokens, you can partake in organization benefits and pick new games. Energized by the network

Our players who keep on developing in crypto gambling clubs are our greatest resource and top need. Input, thoughts, and suppositions consistently originate from our players. Truly demonstrated. Greatest straightforwardness and security is ensured by a completely decentralized arrangement and Smart Contract. Various games Different game forms bring increasingly assorted players. The advancement of the AIO group will keep on improving the stage, and grow new games, and improve the present one. Nitty gritty data about offers of XX billion AIO tokens. AIO Token. Each AIO token will at first be mapped to one ERC20 token, which matches the Ethereum biological system, in light of the fact that the AIO gambling club environment is right now being created.

The point of the AIO gambling club is to offer just a single club. Increment the chance to mess around for clients and make changes to the interests of players. AIO will be an upheaval in the gambling club showcase. The AIO gives clients full control of their assets, which is a significant distinction contrasted with different club. With this blockchain model, it will wind up standard in club. Understandings dependent on the Tron blockchain will be deduced in the biological system that works with shrewd contracts. On account of new games, clients will almost certainly enter online club.

These games are:

Planned as a game like AIO Moon.

The gambling club will have an internet browser that is associated with the Internet at the AIO gambling club. Clients will most likely access the webpage from any gadget; they will almost certainly utilize the web variant of the cell rendition. This will be a multilingual stage that will bolster English in the start of straightforwardness and value guideline through savvy understandings.

The AIO supervisory crew will comprise of innovation specialists and experts. Specialists with over five years of experience will be engaged with game advancement, unified arranging and plan.

AIO coins depend on the ERC20 standard created on the Ethereum arrange. AIO coins will be utilized in stage activities. Clients can get profits by solidifying tokens. AIO coin holders can take an interest in focal choices and vote.

AIO Casino Platform

A significant piece of AIO Casino is the game, just as the advancement of new games,

which were included a while later. In our alpha adaptation, AIO Dice, AIO Moon and AIO Spin games will be accessible. Then, there are likewise gets ready for the improvement of the AIO Lottery game. The AIO gambling club will work under the Softswiss White Label permit.

Game: AIO Dice

This game is called Dice, however it’s anything but a karma and likelihood game that generally utilizes basic 3D shapes with numbered sides. Rather, it’s a crypto-situated bones game where you have more noteworthy reach and higher yield devotion (0-99).

Game: AIO Spin AIO Spin

This game is very straightforward. The game wheel will have a specific division, from which one can anticipate certain advantages. Possibly we will structure the game wheels so there will be 4 wagering choices. This is circulated by the prize level on the game bicycle and if the player wagers on the privilege wagering alternative, he wins.

Game: AIO Moon

At AIO Moon players must wager in numbers and after the match begins, the month’s worth

will go up and it will quit rising haphazardly. The player must quit missing before “Quit going up” or the client will lose.

The client will have the choice to the month by clicking STOP. The month worth will be autonomous and arbitrary somewhere in the range of 1.00x and 9999x.

In the event that you prevail for quite a long time, the installment will be as per the MOON esteem. Misfortunes will diminish in like manner.

Token AIO

AIO Coins are ERC-20 tokens dependent on Ethereum Blockchain.

The principle capacity of AIO tokens is to get profits from the club on the off chance that you need to “solidify” the coin.


Token Symbol => AIO

Token Supply => 2.900.000

Pasokan Penjualan AIO => 2.030.000 AIO

Tipe Blockchain => ETHEREUM

Jenis Token => ERC20


60% Allocated to deals tokens

15% Allocated to Corporate Funds

10% Allocated to Pre-Sales

10% Allocated to Team and Advisors

5% Allocated to Marketing and Bounty Programs

40% FUNDS Allocated to Marketing

30% Allocated to Marketing

15% Allocated to

10% Operational Costs Allocated to

5% Liquidity Allocated to Legal


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