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The invention of blockchain technology will change many of our habits. There will be changes in finance, industry, gambling and many other sectors. It was observed that there were various problems in each area.

The casino sector has special problems. The first is not transparency. This causes a lack of trust. Other problems are issues related to account restrictions and withdrawal limits. The customer must transfer funds from his account to the casino operator. However, when this deposit is transferred from the customer’s account to the casino account, the customer has no control over the money. Thus, there are applications that harm the customer. High Game Costs also appear as another problem.

Introducing AIO CASINO

About AIO Casino

AIO Casino  is a cryptocurrency casino, which aims to connect all the games that might exist in the gambling industry on one platform, and allow players to become part of the casino. The decision to do this is because most casinos only offer selected teams, and in the world developing players must also be involved in casino success.

Aiocasino  wants to set the standard for Crypto Casino, where players can not only play all kinds of new games and games, but also be directly involved in the success of the casino.

AIO Coins are Ethereum Blockchain based ERC-20 tokens, which allow you to get several wins from the casino. We decided to make coins on Ethereum Blockchain because this blockchain is a famous, safe and universal solution that provides a high level of transparency and diversity in how to secure and store tokens for their owners.

The purpose of the AIO casino

The aim of the AIO casino is to offer only one casino. To increase game options for users and bring changes to the player’s benefit. AIO will be a revolution in the casino market. AIO gives users full control over their funds, as a very important difference compared to other casinos. With this blockchain model, it will form a standard in the casino. Agreements based on the Tron blockchain will be made in an ecosystem that operates with smart contracts. With the new game, users will be able to attract casinos that operate on the web.

The casino will have a web browser that is connected to the internet at the AIO casino. Users will be able to access the site with any device; they will be able to use the mobile version that looks web. This will be a multilingual platform that will support English in the beginning of regulations in transparency and fairness with smart agreements.

These games:

☆ AIO dice game

☆ Play AIO

☆ Designed as a game like AIO Moon.


The AIO management team will consist of technology experts and professionals. Professionals with work experience of more than five years will work on game development, central planning, and design.

AIO coins are based on the ERC20 standard designed on the Ethereum network. AIO coins will be used in the operation of the platform. Users can get dividends by freezing tokens. AIO coin holders can participate in central decisions and vote.

Token Allocation

Funds Allocation

Token Detail


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