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Blockchain is progressively getting to be known on the web and, here’s a speedy intensive lesson in the event that you’ve quite recently found the term ‘blockchains’, what they are and how blockchain casino clubs work. Initially, you have to comprehend what blockchains are. Above all, a blockchain is an advanced record that is used to record online exchanges and transactions that utilizes digital currencies. The exchanges are recorded consecutively and are accessible freely.

Moreover, the rule and procedure can be connected to online casino platform. This gives you the rise of supposed blockchain club which applies blockchain innovation to internet betting. The impact of this is that it gives a totally credibility to web based betting.

One of the greatest obstacles and problems related with centralized online casino platform is that not every one of them is transparent and trustworthy. At the end of the day, most of online casino platform where fundamental information such as payouts, gaming results, rewards are intentionally kept away from players. In any case, blockchain gaming platform are a totally new type of online gambling club and are totally decentralized, with no requirement for an outsider to confirm transactions and exchanges made. These encourage trust and transparency in the gambling industry which is why AIO CASINO has introduced a new blockchain casino platform for players around the globe.

AIO CASINO platform has introduced series of games in its platform in which players in the world have been enjoying different games on the platform and because of this it is believed that there will be influx of players on AIO CASINO once fully launched. One of the benefits you get when you played in the AIOCASINO gambling platforms include: FAIR GAMEPLAY, NO COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS, FAST AND SMOOTH TRANSACTIONS, AIO HOLDERS BENEFITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS.

The advent of blockchain technology has made playing gambling easier than the way it was in some years back. With AIO CASINO platform the games have been made simple for both the new and existing players to play coupled with good payouts and returns on all games. AIO CASINO gaming features will definitely attracts players over the world once fully launched.

There have been lots of casino platform before the launch of AIOCASINO but none of them could really match AIOCASINO in terms of speed of transaction huge profits and rewards huge dividends payment for token holders and lot more offers in the platform.

AIOCASINO has introduced AIOTOKEN token known as AIO which will be used for different activities once the platform is fully launched


Token Symbol => AIO

Token Supply => 2,900,000 AIO

Sale Supply => 2,030,000 AIO

Blockchain Type => ETHEREUM

Token Type => ERC20


60% Allocated to token sale

15% Allocated to Company Fund

10% Allocated to Pre-Sale

10% Allocated to Team & Advisors

5% Allocated to Marketing and Bounty Program


40% Allocated to Marketing

30% Allocated to Marketing

15% Allocated to Operational Costs

10% Allocated to Liquidity

5% Allocated to Legal


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