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We will provide Article to present the “ AIOCASINO” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.
AIO Coins is an Ethereum Blockchain based ERC-20 token that lets you get lots of wins at the casino. We chose to produce coins on the Ethereum Blockchain because this blockchain is a well-known, secure and universal solution that provides a high level of transparency and diversity in securing and storing tokens for their owners.
AIO Casino is a cryptocurrency casino that aims to unite all the gaming industry games in one platform and allow players to participate in casinos. The decision to do so is because most casinos are only offered by selected teams and in the world of players, developing players must also participate in casino success.
Aiocasino wants to set a standard for Crypto Casino, where players can not only play all types of games and new games, but also directly participate in casino success.
AIO Coin is an ERC-20 Blockchain based token that allows you to get multiple casino wins. We have chosen to make Ethereum Blockchain coins because this blockchain is a well-known, secure and universal solution that provides a high level of transparency and various ways to ensure the security and storage of tokens for their owners. .
The aim of AIO Casino is to offer casinos that not only offer games to gamblers, but also casinos that allow players to become part of the casino.
Casinos that not only offer a small collection of games, but also develop or support the creation of new games.
It offers a variety of players that do not exist in most casinos.
It’s easier than you think, but many traditional and modern cryptocurrency casinos still use the same game.

Casino-Plattform AIO

An important part of AIO Casino is the game as well as the development of new games,
which is then added. In our alpha version, AIO Dice, AIO Moon and AIO Spin will be available.
Meanwhile, the development of the AIO Lottery game is planned. AIO Casino operates under a Softswiss White Label license.
Game: AIO Dice
This game is called dice, but it’s not a coincidence and luck game that usually uses simple dice.
with numbered pages. Instead, this is a crypto-oriented dice game that gives you more reach and a higher loyalty
Spiel: AIO Spin AIO Spin
The game is pretty simple. The game wheel will have a specific subdivision of you
can expect certain benefits. Maybe we will design the wheels so that there are 4 betting options. This one will
depending on the price level distributed in the Spielmotorrad. If the player hits the correct bet selection, he wins.
Spiel: AIO Moon
At AIO Moon, players must place bets equal to the amounts and after the start of the game — monthly values.
will grow by chance and stop growing. The player must stop disappearing before “stop up”, otherwise the user will lose.
Users can select the month by pressing the STOP button. The monthly value will be independent and random between 1.00x and 9999x.
If you succeed in a few months, the payment will be in accordance with the MOND value. The losses decrease accordingly.
Jeton Aio
AIO coins are ERC-20 tokens based on Blockchain Ethereum.
The main function of AIO tokens is to receive dividends from the casino if you want to “freeze” the coin.
The freeze option is one of the features of AIO tokens. By freezing coins, users can actually
freeze their coins and receive dividends from the casino. If the user freezes their AIO token, this token becomes
Saved for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the user receives his first dividend. Besides, users can
“redeem” their AIO tokens. Dividends are transferred to the user account every 12 hours.
Dividends are generated by commission rates.


Token Name: AIOcasino
Token Symbol: AIO
Total broadcasts: 2,900,000 AIO
Sales: 2,320,000 Blockchain AIO
Used: Ethereum
Standard Token: ERC20
Token Price Sale: Soft Caps 175,000 are being used as
$ 635,000 helmet announced


AIO tokens amounting to XX billion will be issued. Each AIO token is initially assigned together. The ecosystem is currently being developed.
Nama-Token: Token AIO
Tokensymbol: AIO
Total offer: 2,900,000 AIO
Supply Sales: 2.030.000 AIOs
Blockchain uses: Ethereum
Standard-Token: ERC20
Sale price of tokens: to be announced
Hardcap: 635.000 US-Dollar
Soft Cap: 175.000 US-Dollar
Award of trademarks
Sales brand — 60%
Pre-Sales — 10%
Marketing and Gift Program — 5%
Team & Berater — 10%
Corporate funds — 15%
Development — 40%
Marketing — 30%
Liquidity — 10%
Operating costs — 15%
Legal — 5%


AIO Casino: Alpha Version will launch on the 14th of September 2019. More Information: (link:

For More Information You Can Visit Link Below :

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