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In Europe, North America and Asia,  high-quality beauty products  are available for brighter skin colors but  unfortunately, they cannot be reached by most women who are looking for darker colors, causing some women to switch to fake products that expose them to long-term health risks long.

Today and the age of smartphones and selfies, it is unacceptable that high-quality makeup products are still beyond the financial reach of more than one billion color women in Africa and the diaspora.

At Air Cosmetics, we are working hard to overcome this underserved market with the launch of our upcoming products.

One of the biggest trading cities in Africa. With a population of more than 10 million. Beautiful woman and a beautiful group of people. The truth about living standards in canoeing is related to the credit chain for people living in poverty, and because people’s living standards are how to buy bread every day. 
Becoming a woman annihilates Africa and is fun Sharing the world when women like something is what they look like.
What is air cosmetics?
Today and in an era and narcissistic, it is unacceptable that high-quality make-up products are still beyond the financial reach of more than one billion black women in Africa and the Diaspora. 
Like the water we breathe, our goal at Air Cosmetics is to create a range of high quality, affordable and globally accessible for women in Timbuktu, Banlieues of Paris or Brooklyn. 
In addition, all Air Cosmetics products have embedded technology that enables our customers to discover Africa through rich visual experiences.
Finally, Air Cosmetics is the first make-up marker in the world that accepts payments in cryptocurrency with Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Multicoins (MTCN) and more. 
After funding our own research on products for the past 18 months, we are now launching the Kickstarter program to improve, reward early supporters, and fund our first factory production.
On this platform, ice packs are like air-cosmetic platforms. The aim of this platform is to bring cosmetics to the doorstep of consumers who need countries where individuals cannot buy similar products. These products are of high quality and affordable for these people. Platform too. aims to use embedded technology in blockchain technology to ensure that consumers experience the beauty of Africa through clear experiences and encourage life. Our platform uses crypto, multi-coin one (MTCN tokens) currency, which is shared with people who want to invest in this promising project so you can become a local dealer, wholesaler or supplier in your area.
This AIR COSMETICS platform is a platform that introduces blockchain technology to the cosmetics industry, where products can be paid using cryptocurrency. 
With the help of air cosmetics, it is now possible to build a cosmetic business in every area and make it accessible to normal people. 
Another way to access the platform is the multi-coin crypto currency (MTCN TOKEN) used on this platform. With the help of this token, all transactions with this token can be executed. These tokens can be traded in exchange and give individuals the opportunity to participate in investments on this large platform.
  • Initial product line

    • Face Primer
    • Liquid Foundation
    • Concealer
    • powder
    • Eye pencil
    • mascara
    • lipstick
    • Support us when we start this cool mission.

      PS. We are recruiting!  Love makeup? Like inside, really like it and have the following expertise? Send your CV to the  WORK AT AIR DOT MAISON … like now🙂

      • Location: Paris, France;
      • Opportunities: Internships & full-time positions in Marketing, Operations & Business Development;
      • Compensation: All makeup that you can apply and much more 
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