Travel has become a necessity in the lives of most people. People always travel for business or pleasure. People dream of an opportunity to know the world from a different point of view, but refuse them because of finances.Now, thanks to an exclusive partnership with the global travel company STA Travel, you can combine the power of the block chain with your friends on Facebook. You and your friends can save money and achieve their goals.About AirSaveTravel

Airsave Travel is a decentralized application (DApp), which will be built in 2018. It is a one-click technology that does not require input, input or installation. Airsave Travel blockchain uses technology to smooth attract, reward and authentication of all users within its ecosystem, which wants to save and earn money for their travel. The platform provides savings in their new kriptovalyutnosti, Airsave Coins (AST). Savings can also be made in currencies. You will see how easy crypto points can triple your real income while tracking both virtual and real balances in real time. Using the existing concept Airsave (currently available in the App Store), along with the technology blockchain open source, you can use your network of friends to make money on all your travels. When you save 20 per month contact (or equivalent at AST), you earn £ 5 each month for each friend you save, and when you invite your friends and express your referral list, you can watch your uncovered income grow. Every 4 months you can withdraw your savings and earnings in the Fiat cryptocurrency or any of your choice, at least 20% of the amount paid as a travel voucher from their exclusive partner of STA Travel. Features of the project:

  • Save and earn: users and their friends have the opportunity to earn in tokens or currency.
  • Share with friends: You can earn money when users access their friends from their Facebook friends list.
  • Rewards: Redeem your savings and profits to cash in on STA Travel tickets.
  • Free: the opportunity to save money and earn virtual money comes at no cost. Thus, there are no risks associated with product testing.
  • Ease of use: Track your monthly savings and profits in convenient, user-friendly dashboards.

AST AST token 
is a fusion of new cryptocurrencies with revolutionary savings and earns a platform built on blockchain technology. AST Attributes, also called Airsave Coin, are the ERC20 marker that allows you to access AST DApp and save and earn money, crypt rewards and vouchers STA Travel. AST signs can be sold in different markets after completion of ICO. Opening date Airdrop was April 9, 2018, and closed April 20, 2018. The cost of an ICO token is $ 0.4 per 1 AST with a total amount of $ 125 million. AirSave Conclusion Despite the fact that AirSave Travel provides good incentives for the customer, it will take some time and effort to realize the full business plan. For more information:Website: Whitepaper: http: / / Facebook: Twitter: ANN: = 4949911.0 topic Telegram: Profile BTT:;u=2441637 Author: Snipper9 


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