AIR WALLET cryptocurrency dompet mobile is a platform which focuses on simplification of Airdrops, while creating greater visibility to service blockchain and token. AirWallet fully comply with KYC and aims to introduce a new token and holder of the current token into the project by making the process list and receive Airdrops easier
AIRWALLET based on one of the technologies in generate by ethereum, application-based wallet ethereum erc-20, and this is one of my wallet cryptocurrency that makes it easier for all users to store the assets with a very simple way as well as this wallet application will receive various projects airdrop. Ethereum is one platform that can generate the token-based erc20, many crypto experts claimed that the technology was safe from hacker attacks


As we know today, a Cryptocurrency-based experts greatly improved from its popularity and also began at this time there is a change between the ico project to airdrop, wallets open paved the way for change or marketing have become marketing the latest, openness or water wallet can also be used in the project to run Host as well as a form to get user-based exchanges. The process used will make all the people who don’t understand about the world of cryptocurrency joined the project which has a very large group. All those who will join airwallet will gain incredible convenience and also find out how to buy a digital assets in advance, all the users who don’t understand how to invest or participate in the ICO will be directed funds users understand in detail about the confusion that will be found,
team AIRWALLET think of her with a very clever to make a wallet makes it easy for users
In the year 2018, ICO has garnered more than 10 billion USD, with a project to allocate on average 5 ~ 10% of the total supply of their token for the Airdrops, bounty, and rewards community. This amounted to a market of about 700 million USD allocated for Airdrops


Free money sounds good isn’t it. obviously many people agree and love it. However, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as we think. Currently many problems troubling the industry Airdrop, slow down the process to receive Airdrops, which resulted in much loss of capital for many people

    Many projects offer Airdrops to participants but failed to distribute it equitably to users when it comes time
  • Time consuming to search and find
  • Complex steps & many required tasks
  • Locked and not available for immediate use
  • Transaction fees to transfer Airdrops
  1. ICO
    First time ICO parrticipants may find the process of investing in a token project too difficult. ICOs requires an individual to thoroughly research on the project and learn how to correctly transfer funds.
  • Difficult to understand
  • Evaluate projects for scams
  • Constantly monitor for updates
  • High barrier of entry for newcomers
    There are many existing blockchain projects out on the market but suffer from low visibility and not enough use of their platform
  • Low visibility from token holders
  • Service is limited to native tokens
  • Limited community growth
  • Can’t be integrated with other platforms


efficient asset management.
Diverse assets there will be Airwallet platform so users can easily to register and support all existing projects. If you support all project and if the project that you support has been completed, you will get a sign project! Don’t worry if the token that you guys have not had SKPLBI in exchange, digital assets can be managed by your own
Airwallet will Be fully to meet the requirements of the ERC, the AIRWALLET will present the perfect user experience for anyone using our wallet. Manage all Your cryptocurrency and Airdrops via AIRWALLET


Comfortable UI/UX with every step of development designed with the user at mind.


Thoroughly tested by veteran developers to bring a flawless experience.


Secure management of all your digital assets and Airdrops.


Browse through the many promising blockchain projects on the market

GOAL Airwallet

AI WALLET aims to solve current problems in this industry to help assist in the growth of the market, authentic community building for token projects, while creating a comfortable platform taking into account our users.
AIRWALLET will remove the measures need not be required For participation. Verified users with KYC, AIRWALLET will give you a list of the projects approved token along with the description and purpose of the project. Users will be able to participate in the Airdrops with one touch of a button, making participation becomes quick and easy.
Through Airdrops, AIR WALLET will visibility for various token projects. For each Airdrop that a user receives from a project, AIR WALLET will notify the user of project milestones and updates through pop-up notifications.


AIR WALLET will fully comply with the ERC-20, allows users to add data token ERC-20 special account of WATER into their WALLET. In addition, all main cryptocurrency will be supported on platform AIR WALLET. will be a bridge for the holder of a token to connect with token, through a simplified and safe solutions


The token supply: 1 billion air
Token sales: 25% of the total supply
Softcap: 5 million USD
Selling price of IEO: 0.06 USD.




for further information please visit the following link


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