AIR WALLET “First Blockchain Platform For Airdrop”

The improvement of cryptocurrency commenced with the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, Cryptocurrency is a digital foreign money which could most effective be determined in cyberspace the use of net networks. Within the process of developing Cryptocurrency a undertaking requires airdrop from tokens. Currently the Airdrop Market is well worth tens of millions of dollars inside the blockchain and cryptocurrency enterprise.

So we took the initiative to create an airdrop platform. Today there is lots of the cryptocurrency industry but nothing specializes in developing a unique platform for airdrop.

With the airdrop platform, we hope that the airdrop challenge may be less difficult and simpler to run.

The aim of airdrop is to marketplace capitalization when the new ICO project begins.
So the purpose of AIR WALLET is to create an fundamental bridge between People Projects, Airdrops, and Hosts which gives them an less complicated way to engage with each other in creating massive-scale prize boom.

AIR WALLET offers smooth get right of entry to for anyone to shop for the primary and acquired digital belongings in the ICO. In addition to the streamline procedure, AIRDROP to visualize the block chain enterprise.

Airwallet’s imaginative and prescient
Our purpose for Airwallet is to break the boundaries on blockchain and cryptocurrency and offer a door for human beings to transport toward a developing part of the enterprise and contribute to market increase.

Mission from AIR WALLET is a diffusion of virtual asset gives supported through our platform. Users can manage the digital property that they presently have in Airdrop tokens that have not been listed at the alternate. AIR Wallet allows you to view and manipulate encrypted assets provided via users by integrating API from diverse exchanges. This permits users to view, shop and manage all currencies provided successfully.

Air wallet answer

  1. Efficient
    AIR WALLET will provide a spread of Cryptocurrency belongings to be supported on our platform. And Users can control the digital belongings they’ve in Airdrop tokens that have now not been listed at the Exchange.
    With Air Wallet, users can view and manipulate cryptocurrency belongings immediately and green, that is viable through the Air wallet platform that integrates the API.
    2.A New Approach to Airdrop and building community
    Airdrop is an vital part of cryptocurrency. Its feature as a community formation among customers and transient initiatives allows initiatives to marketplace their tokens, give their cryptocurrency to a set of customers in a community trade. AIR WALLET will remove the conventional approach for receiving Airdrops and replace them with simple ones.
    The process is easy, the user searches for initiatives that provide Airdrops
    at the AIR WALLET platform. The gadget can be guided directly by way of the air wallet, handiest customers who’ve verified KYC could be permitted
    take part in Airdrops, enabling the unique person base for a token undertaking.
    Three. Visibility & Accessibility within the Blockchain platform
    AIR WALLET will list and display a diffusion of promising blockchain platforms in the AIR WALLET software in order that cryptocurrency can
    used for transactions or offerings, and purchases inside the actual existence of its customers.
    AIR WALLET will connect users with blockchain provider companies to assist accelerate the economy in the blockchain marketplace.

Airwallet App

Fund allocation and Token distribution

Air Wallet Token
AIR is a utility token that can be used in the AIR WALLET ecosystem which will used to pay for goods and services offered on the AIR WALLET platform.

Token name: Air wallet (AIR Pool)
Ticker name: AIR
AIR Token Supply: AIR
AIR Token Sale: 25% of total supply
Softcap: 5M USD
Token Price: 0.06 USD

Road map


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