AirCraft – Expanding The Boundaries Of Cryptocurrency Influence In The Whole World 

Hello dear friends…met again with us on a great Project today, let us explain much deeper about AirCraft, which is designed to solve financial and travel issues such as fraud, charging , booking in advance, booking errors and poor service. collecting, storing, and updating information in a single system connection will help the customer and network partner in avoiding problems, ensuring that every transaction for every booking and every ticket is free and that no customer is cheated is the main aim of The planes. Providing the best prices depends on selective currencies or providing more sophisticated trips to the site, compiled by our best travel agents. Each customer will receive the benefits they want. If you need a full escort of your trip, you will be assigned to a personal agent who will monitor safety and maintenance throughout your trip.

The Features

Flights – The fastest and the most comfortable way to travel is by plane.Enjoy excellent level of onboard service!

Hotels – Get acquainted with the best hotels all around the world with splendid services in everything from location to cuisine and many facilities like spa and gym.Cars. Take a ride in a reliable and fast car, which is provided by our partners in car rent!

Events – Learn the unique culture of new places, taste the cuisine of different peoples and take part in enchanting festivals.

Ferry & Cruise Ship – We offer best prices on ferries and cruise ships in the North Eupore, in the Mediterranian sea, in and around Asia. Enjoy piqturesque views from your comfortable cabin, taste meals in restorans and just relax during the vacation.

More than 500 cruises will be available to book.

Insurance – Nothing can overshadow your journey, if it is prepared by professionals. We will take care of your life insurance and your luggage during the trip!

Trip insurance could cover anything from lost luggage to emergency medical care. It can reimburse covearge in case of cancellation insurance.

Just choose the perfect fit travel insurance plan from one of our trusted providers.

Advantages for tourists are:

– Aircraft is a convenient platform to find and buy the best flight, hotel and entertainment with ability of payment by cryptocurrency)

– Secure money settlement system that guarantee successful operations

– Full protection of the personal data of the traveler

– Calculation of bonus miles for spent tokens (cash-back program)

– Multifunctional and thoughtful mobile application that will become an indispensable travel assistant

AirCraft token

The airline token acts as a shield for the payment system, protecting your portfolio of information and transactions.

Tokens are needed to pay for different services. Just keep them on your mobile wallet in the app. More than 30 currencies available for exchange!

Ethereum ERC20-based beacons will be published in the ICO, and with the release of the blockchain aircraft system, the old token will be replaced by the new piece.

See more in the official report.

Token Distribution

AirCraft application

The AirCraft app is a complex app that includes a wallet to make payments into the system and a search app to find the best travel deals from outside the site.

Applications are secured with 2-factor authentication for dashboards and transactions.

AirCraft Payment Bracelets

This payment bracelet is equipped with an NFC module, which provides payments in the system. The bracelet is connected to your application and allows you to pay for services in our resorts.

This bracelet will be given to VIP customers of the AirCraft platform during their stay in our five-star hotels.

The Roadmap

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