The Future of High-end Computers with AirP2P

Hello everyone welcome back on my blog! Whether you are a student, gamer or graphic designer who needs a High-end PC but has no money to make such a High-end PC. Good news for all of you guys, this time I will discuss a platform that will realize your dreams using a High-end PC using the Airp2p platform. So what is an Airp2p platform is an exciting project where you can gain access to a very interesting high-end compoet instead, this project is using the latest cloud and blockchain technologies. I will also discuss the details of ICO Airp2p that you can follow.

What is AirP2P…

AirP2P is a platform that will allow everyone to gain access to computer simulations over the internet on any device, all you need is a high-speed internet connection, you can connect to one of our data centers and get your VPC online or lease directly from the market from other users and pay using our P2P token.

How Do Systems Work…

AirP2P is Ethereum-based cryptoes that help people to transfer and transmit necessary network. The network is actually supported by blockchain technology for faster computing, improved user anonymity, improved user security, and better clarity. The new technology / software that has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain will allow people to gain access to high end computing experience. This basically allows people to rent a computer from a network with high end provisions.

Using a simulated interface in the system software, users will be able to benefit from working under a high-end PC environment. It should be remembered that all this is done with the virtue of the software interface and therefore a physical upgrade to the computer will not be necessary. The idea is as it has been developed to ensure that everyone has access to high end processing power, mainly students, active gamers, media associations, web designers and graphic designers as well. People who can not afford the high processing power available in high-end PCs will be able to lease this system using an AirP2P token on a blockchain-powered network.

What really separates AirP2P from other projects that have a similar ideology is the integration of blockchain credentials in cloud computing technology. It will further ensure that the network provides for:

  • Better network stability with the help of premium internet connectivity
  • Anonymity of user guarantees
  • Greater security with secure protocols in layers for token holders
  • Global connectivity with integration of blockchain enabled features The symbiotic nature of a blockchain network consisting of specific positions in the ecosystem helps take trials across a global scale.

Basically it makes the whole proposition turn into a global network with a productive expansionary capability. AirP2P aims to address the issues of global cloud outreach and realize the network to each and every household outside

Blockchain-based ecosystem

Blockchain is the future of modern technology and with the help of it we hope to bring people closer to complex and sophisticated systems. This is a step to bring gamers, web designers, video editors, graphic designers and professional utilities closer to configuring their rig configurations all under one platform.

Benefits of Blockchain technology:

  • One of the major benefits of the Ethereum-based blockchain technology is the fact that it has a very active “immune system” that does not allow easy data conversion. In simple words the entire data structure is in the form of a block that ensures that practically modifying the data segment will have no lasting effects. The wider spectrum ensures that this proposition does not allow for data modification and thus provides enhanced data security.
  • Being a decentralized system, there is no censorship with good technology. It provides for the use of anonymity and does not make the system corrupt. At the same time the system is highly transparent for users who allow transactions to be verified via the Internet since notes are readily available.
  • Tokens supported by Ethereum are easier to mine and are more stable formatted longer. On average it takes about 14 seconds to mine a Ethereum-based token that is significantly lower than that of its peers.
  • Ethereum is the same blockchain that essentially employs bitcoin and thus the same architectural integrity can be expected in this case as well. An open digital ledger in which all transactional forms are recorded in a safe and decentralized way. With the integrity of bitcoinyayasan, one can hope for the bank safely and transparent system.

These features make the entire rental system easier, transparent, secure and undamaged at the same time. High-level encryption on the network also ensures that the system can not be compromised by hackers so it is safe to use and completely unbreakable as well.

Cloud Based Ecosystem

One of the most prominent features associated with the technology we have in store for our clients is the fact that we are integrating cloud based ecosystems with blockchain features. Thus it would be wise to say that our ecosystem will be cautious based on blockchain technology credentials while the concept must be employed from cloud computing.

Benefits of cloud computing technology:

  • Access to their own online virtual PC: One of the quietest features is this in-store technology for the people associated with it is the fact that this technology will ensure access to virtual PCs throughout the online network. Networks are set to show seamlessly on iOS, Android and PC.
  • An ecosystem by the people and for the people: What makes AirP2P technology truly unique in its own way is the fact that this technology has been curated for people and by the people themselves. The ecosystem we emphasize is purely symbiotic and thus based on the contributions of people present throughout the network. We want to finance the evolution of Internet technology due to the fact that it has been able to witness a large amount of growth in a very short time.iod of time. People will be able to hide the system and also lease their systems on the network to hire others. In return they will be able to obtain an AirP2P token that will enable them to take advantage of other services.
  • Banking on the evolution of the Internet: The Internet has become a major blessing for every individual in the world. That speed internet connection that seems to define its credibility in the modern world has gone through a productive change as well. Today we have been introduced to 4G technology which will further be replaced by 5G technology that seems just round the corner. This will ensure that our ecosystem will flourish in a flawless way. Smooth connectivity will provide people with uninterrupted and flawless playing experience on the network. With the help of such features, people can earn a pause from the necessity of upgrading their machines every year since now they can rent in these machines for a lower cost of their convenience.

Details of TGE (Token Generation Event)

  • Starts ICO June 3, 2018 Until 3 August 2018
    -Token P2P
    -Type Token ERC-20
    -Eyes earned: ETH (with minimum transaction amount 0.02ETH)
    -Total token sold: 3,960,000,000 P2P (13%)
  • Value of Tuker for 1 ETH: 825,000 P2P
    -Number of transactions minimum: 10,000 P2P
    -Main Token sale will begin August 3, 2018
    -ICO is divided into 3 toal phases 33 Billion tokens:
    Pre-ICO from May 18, 2018 – June 3, 2018 (30% bonus)
    Pre-Sales from June 3, 2018 – July 3, 2018 (20% bonus)
    The main token sale from August 3, 2018 – September 15, 2018

All funds raised will be used to:

-29% for branding and marketing
-4% for financial costs and expenses
-53% for infrastructure development purposes which also includes software development, is listed on all major exchanges and obtains market liquidity.
-2% is reserved for Bounty and overhead
-12% is provided for miscellaneous purposes of this project

Why is it worth to invest in Airp2p:

  1. The concept of a new and very interesting concept is very promising to grow in the future.people can expect the use of High-end computer using AirP2P.
  2. The concept of relying on blockchain and integrating with the cloud. This is great for providing anonymous and security experience for AirP2p users.
  3. This platform is the answer for everyone who needs a high-end PC but does not have enough funds to own it. With the presence of this platform I think will answer the needs of users. People will be greatly helped by this platform.
  4. Crypto currency future will be very good. With AirP2P’s business concept I firmly believe AirP2P will be the leader in this market. Not without this reason because AirP2P will really help every user who needs access to a High-end PC.


December 2017
The idea of ​​AirP2P was born

January 2018
The basic idea is solved

February 2018
Planning begins

March 2018
Marketing plan & business plan developed

April 2018
Marketing initiates & finalizes the ideology of the AirP2P Platform and its functionality

May 2018
Incoming private investors and pre-sales started

June 2018
Main toke sales begin – Get listed on ICO / cryptonews mainstream site

July 2018
Implementing the marketing strategy plan “Exodus”

August 2018
Phase 2 main token sale begins

September 2018
distribute tokens after ICO and get P2P on the exchange – make sure market liquidity.

October 2018
Start developing AirP2P platform

After reading my article above maybe some of you still have questions about the development of this project. Before deciding to invest with this project I advise you to study the details of this project on the website and read the details of the AirP2P project through their white paper . 

For more information about this project click on the link below:

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