Creating the PC of tomorrow using the latest in Cloud technology and Blockchain
Run any Windows application anywhere on any device
Have you ever wished that your computer was not so slow and that you could run any game at the highest resolution without problems?
How about when you were trying to open that software for your graphics project at school, but your computer was hardly responsible for importing an image?
Or maybe you just like to have your phone or tablet by your side and be able to access all your applications / games / PC files from there?
That’s where AirP2P comes in, in our network you can rent a high-end virtualized computer for all your computing and gaming needs.
Whether you need a free delay experience for your projects or gaming experience, then AirP2P covered it.
Our platform will allow you to connect to your VPC (Virtual PC) and run any Windows application or game through your virtual computer that is transmitted directly to your device (PC / Android / IOS)
Statistics say that new high-end computers can cost up to $ 6,000 and then only depreciate over time and YOU have to take care of all the updates and maintenance yourself and that’s not cheap either.
With our platform, you can say goodbye to hardware updates and the devaluation of your computer.
Not being able to “manage” applications or games
AND not have access to your files at all times in each device.
What is AirP2P?
AirP2P is a platform that will allow everyone to get access to simulated computers through the Internet on any device, all you need is a high speed Internet connection, you can connect to one of our data centers and get your VPC instantly in line o Rent one from another user’s market and pay using our P2P token.
While there are currently no solutions in the world for those who can not afford high-end computers, our goal is to solve this problem by offering access to virtual PCs through our platform, and you do not even have to have a PC to access it. . You can access our platform from your phone or tablet with the same ease as with a computer, and if you own a high-end computer, you can rent it with just one click in the market.
To help us build a global network as quickly as possible, we have secured 20% of our total tokens and will rent the computers of all those who wish to rent us their computers.
We are building a platform
to give everyone the same access to sophisticated computers
We are reinventing how people use and access their standard PC, using the latest in cloud & blockchain technology. We create a platform where everyone can access simulated high-end PCs from our data centers or choose one from the market where other users will have their computers for rent.
Sale of tokens
The AirP2P token will be launched on the basis of the Ethereum platform. It is the compatibility of the token with portfolios of third-party services, exchanges, etc., and offers an easy-to-use integration.
The ICO will be carried out in three phases as follows
  • Pre-ICO from May 18, 2018 to June 3, 2018 (30% bonus)
  • Sale of main token phase one from June 3, 2018 to July 3, 2018 (20% bonus)
  • Sale of main token phase two from August 3, 2018 to September 15, 2018
  • beginning
    May 18, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT)
  • Number of tokens for sale
    330,000,000 P2P (1%)
  • End
    June 3, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT)
  • Rate of change of tokens
    1 ETH = 893,750 P2P
  • Acceptable coins
  • Minimum transaction amount
    0.1 ETH
Distribution of Airp2p tokens
Use of funds
Roadmap Airp2p
  • December 2017
    AirP2P Idea is born
  • January 2018
    Basic idea completed
  • February 2018
    Planning began
  • March 2018
    Marketing plan and business plan developed
  • April 2018
    Marketing began and finalized the ideology of the AirP2P platform and its functions
  • May 2018
    Private investors brought and pre-sale offers
  • June 2018
    Toke’s main sale comes out: get a list at the main ICO / cryptonews sites
  • July 2018
    Implement the marketing strategy plan “Exodus”
  • August 2018
    The main phase of sale of tokens 2 begins
  • September 2018
    distribute tokens after ICO and obtain P2P in exchanges: guarantee market liquidity.
  • October 2018
    Start developing the AirP2P platform
  • Future
The core team
The AirP2P team combines passion for electronic sports, industry experience and proven track record in technology, finance, development, marketing and strategy, and cryptographic asset management, this is the core AirP2P team, the rest of our team remains anonymous at this time.
  • Sigurður Benediktsson, CEO
    Sigurður Benediktsson is our famous CEO and he has more than 8 years of experience in being director and CEO in several companies and together, and I can say that his commercial and financial understanding is out of the ordinary and that anyone who dares to negotiating with him will surely end up having a good laugh and a good business. He currently owns a travel company in Iceland that has been working well for years and other times he has also had successful companies. He is a hardworking and intelligent man who has a lot of handle on him and always has his humor intact. I’m pretty sure that if you look at it on TripAdvisor, you can still hear the echoes of many great stories about it from some of your former clients.
  • Kristinn Spence, Project Manager and Head of Marketing
    Kristinn Spence, our project manager, has extensive technical experience and has been involved in technology since she was only 9 years old, according to him, that was the age at which she began playing with the code for the first time and disarming hardware in its last years, has been involved in more than 30 software startups and websites in the past and has created the idea of ​​technology in some of them, as well as marketing management for them, since it also has a deep knowledge of marketing / SEO and, in general, how the Internet works and the algorithms that support it and is not shy to use those algorithms to its full benefit. He was also one of the first to see the potential of blockchain technology in 2010 when he first heard about the virtual asset.
  • Daníel Óskarsson, developer
    Daníel Óskarsson, the latest addition to the team is a technology connoisseur and programmer who has unlimited knowledge on how to bend programming languages ​​at will, even in impossible situations, you could say that seeing it encode is like watching Mission Impossible the coding version that also has been involved in the technology since I was young and I have a great knowledge of hardware and software. I’m pretty sure that if you do not obfuscate your newly created software and deliver it to you unpacked, you could easily dismantle it in a matter of minutes to the core if he wanted to.
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