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Airsave Travel is a decentralized application (DApp), being built in 2018. This is a one-click technology, Airsave Travel does not require entering, logging in or installing. It will use blockchain technology to attract, authenticate, and appreciate all users who want to save and earn money for their trips with their friends.

At present, the process of saving for travel is an individual effort that is centralized and depends on a single source of income and several variable factors. Airsave Travel is the part that changes the game from the ongoing blockchain revolution because it requires a process of saving money for travel and changing it from a slow, tiring, isolated and individual process, to a social process that produces a stable and fully transparent return. . Decentralization also allows AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC tokens), to increase its value compared to saving and producing fiat.

Airsave Travel is an innovative social-saving DApp, which rewards users for saving for their trips – with online friends and their social contacts. Before saving small fixed costs on ASTC or fiat, users can test the DApp first, by storing and getting crypto-points. Here they can track their savings balance, refer their friends and withdraw their savings and income as STA Travel vouchers, real cash or ASTC (and other cryptocurrency), all from their smartphone or device.

The trip is important
On the surface, the tour is about seeing new places and (if you go abroad to volunteer) give a little return at the same time. But underneath there is far more, opening up your horizons to drive culture, cuisine, and scenes that are truly different. While the picture is proof that you go and see, the transformation that happens in it which is regularly the strongest proof why travel is important.
The Airsave Travel Platform provides financial savings on the new Crypto-Currency Aviation Coins (AST). Savings can also be made in foreign currencies. You will see how cryptocurrency tokens can double your original income by using virtual and real-time balance monitoring. With the idea that AirSave is currently (currently accessible on the App Store) and Blockchain technology is open, you can use the Friends network to get cash in all of your travel destinations.
We designed this platform to run using blockchain technology as a basis for developing our platform. Because since it first appeared, blockchain comes with a fast and secure online transaction offering and supports all types of data and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology uses a system, where each transaction is recorded and cannot be changed forever, so that the security and transparency of transactions can be maintained and reduce the possibility of data fraud. The Blockchain is inherently resistant to data modification involved. Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, connected and secured using cryptography. Each block usually contains a hash pointer as a link to the previous block, timestamp, and transaction data.
We have developed this platform to use Blockchain Technology as the basis for developing our platform. The Blockchain is a distributed transaction ledger that contains bits of information called ‘Blocks’. This is a method of storing and processing data that has shocked the world because of its unmatched security potential. The Blockchain provides fast and secure online transaction offers and supports all types of data and cryptocurrency. The Blockchain uses a system where each transaction is recorded and cannot be changed forever.
This makes it possible to maintain transaction security and transparency and reduce the possibility of fraud. The Blockchain is inherently resistant to changes in relevant data. Blockchain is a list of records called blocks that are encrypted and secured. Each block usually contains a hash indicator as a link to the previous block, time stamp, and transaction data. Using Blockchains in all our transactions lowers operating costs, increases transaction speed, creates a transparent and fair market, and narrows the relationship between advertisers, network providers and customers.

How Do You Save Airsave Travel?

This platform provides savings on Airsave Travel Coins (ASTC). Savings can also be done in fiat currencies. You will see how easily crypto-points can triple your real income while tracking virtual and real balances in real time. Using the existing Airsave concept, along with open-source blockchain technology, you can use your friends network to earn money for all your trips.

When you save £ 20 each month with Airsave (or the equivalent of ASTC), you get £ 5 every month for each friend you save, and when you invite your friends and grow your reference list, you can see your income that hasn’t opened up. Every 4 months, you can then withdraw your savings and income in your chosen fiat or cryptocurrency, with a minimum of 20% of the amount paid as a travel voucher from their exclusive partner STA Travel

Share with friends:
Money can be obtained when people access their friends from their friends list on Facebook.
Save and make money:
Users and their friends have the opportunity to earn money with tokens or money.
The ability to save and get free virtual money. For this reason, there are no risks associated with product testing.
Easy to use:
Monthly savings and profit tracking are available on a convenient and easy to use dashboard.
Exchange your savings and profits with cash in the STA Travel ticket.
ASTC is a blend of new cryptocurrency with the save and revolutionary platform built on blockchain technology. ASTC Token, also called Airsave Travel Coin is an ERC20 token that allows access to AST DApp and the ability to save and get STA Travel vouchers, prizes and vouchers. ASTC tokens can be sold on various exchanges once the ICO is complete.
  • Token Name: Airsave Travel Coins
  • Ticker Token: ASTC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Total Supply: 125,000,000 ASTC
  • Tokens for sale: 117,500,000 ASTC
  • Price Tokens:
  • at Pre ICO Stage 1: 800 ASTC = $ 100
  • at Pre ICO Stage 2: 500 ASTC = $ 100
  • at the Main ICO: 400 ASTC = $ 100
  • Receive: ETH, BTC
Allocation of tokens
Use of results


For more information about this project, please visit the link below:
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