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Did you know that more than 1 billion people travel around the world every year? Each of them once or twice a year travels outside their country in order to explore other more remote corners of our planet. In fact, the statistics are simply impressive, especially considering the fact that some 5 years ago this number did not exceed 800 million people a year. Thus, we can safely say that every year there are more and more tourists, which means the entire tourism industry is growing and developing.

However, there are still huge problems in this direction, which prevent the more dynamic growth of all this direction. And the first thing we’re going to talk about today is the cost of those same trips, as most of the budget eats air travel, which is considered the number one item of expenditure for all traveling tourists. Indeed, air travel is a very expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford. Although now on the market and began to appear various kinds of mobile applications that allow you to catch the lowest possible cost of tickets, however, not all it turns out and it does not always happen when you need it.

After analyzing the current situation, the team decided to develop taking into account all possible algorithms and technologies, a new product that would solve the above problems and make air travel even more accessible and closer to society.

About the project

The project which will be discussed today is called – AIRSAVE. This project is nothing more than a unique decentralized platform designed to save and preserve financial resources for tourists seeking to travel.

The algorithms and operating principles of the AIRSAVE system are designed in such a way that, thanks to minimal manipulation and actions on the part of the platform participant, he will be able to accumulate internal markers of the system and use them in the future to save on air travel. I want to draw your attention to the fact that in the world there are no such analogues as AIRSAVE. Therefore, its qualities elevate it above all current centralized offers.

Features and benefits

As I have already told you before, AIRSAVE is currently the only offer of this level, so this makes IT very popular. Moreover, AIRSAVE is fraught with a number of other features that we are in principle now and consider:

  • the first thing I would like to start with is that users can easily and carefree earn and earn their miles before they make a monthly fee for using AIRSAVE;
  • the second important element is the low cost of participation in the AIRSAVE program, only 20 pounds for each month. At the same time, the user can replenish AIRSAVE through an available internal token, or rather the number of tokens, which is equal to the equivalent of 20 pounds;
  • the third important step is a generous referral program that you can share with your friends and earn extra finances for each invited friend;
  • moreover, this method in conjunction with the fourth point allows you to receive a one-time payment once a quarter due to the fact that you and your friends use the AIRSAVE application and save the earned tokens within the system. For example, you and 10 of your friends accumulate INTERNAL airsave tokens for some time and do not spend them on a trip, for this every quarter the system will encourage you with a cash payment equivalent to 240 pounds. If you repeat it or demonstrate with your 50 friends, you can earn about 1040 pounds. Not bad, right?

Using AIRSAVE is a pleasure, as IT is designed for people and is aimed at solving current problems. Moreover, AIRSAVE allows travelers to better control their own expenses, as well as accumulate AIRSAVE Miles, which will bring more benefits and savings from air travel.

The details of the ICO

The fuel inside the AIRSAVE system is its internal token – ASTC. This token is developed on the Ethreum ERC20 blockchain of the standard. The developers intend to slightly improve the measures of their ICO, so they will sell their coins on the principle of auction, which, according to the founders, will avoid the classic problems associated with the standard ICO procedure, as well as attract additional attention from investors to the project.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:


I as a person who loves to travel this project has become very interesting. After all, who would refuse such a unique opportunity to save on expensive air travel?! I think nobody. Therefore, I recommend you to pay a little more attention to this project, while studying all its main features. To do this, I have attached all the useful resources where you can find all the necessary official information on the AIRSAVE project.

Official resources of the Airsave project:



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