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Millions of people travel around the world every year. Each of these people goes to the countries they want once or twice a year on the planet. The statistics on this subject are quite remarkable. It is estimated that only 10 million years ago, 400 million people travelled. Now there’s an estimate of three times that. How big and how advanced this sector is understood here.

For these reasons, some problems prevent them from going further in all aspects. The most important is the high costs the most critical issue for people travelling expenses. In today’s technology, there are some practices that we can catch the best of these prices as an opportunity, but not all are inadequate.

There is a project that will optimise this situation. The project I will tell you today is capable of providing solutions to all of them. The project team is very experienced in this regard. Now read carefully what I tell you.


► Project objective

The project will be name AIRSAVE. This project is to create a decentralised platform designed to protect them financially for tourists who want to travel as a priority.

Thanks to the working principles of this platform which are compatible with the algorithm within itself, it will be possible to acquire the platform within the platform with minimum manipulation and actions.



► Principle and advantages

In this platform called Airsave Travel, users will receive significant discounts on air tickets. They will also be able to benefit from transfer and ground services after the relevant agreements made by Airsave Travel. This platform user can download the app for free on their smartphones. Also, users who buy a ticket for their friends will receive a significant share of the points earned by other users. Five thousand users to their smart devices have downloaded the Android and IOS version of the platform.


Users are required to perform KYC protocols after performing the download process. Because all civil protocol supports this KYC system. In this way, once users log in to the platform, the system will recognise them and prevent them from logging in again. Once the system is used, the platform will automatically connect to all of your social media accounts. In this way, you will be able to earn AIRsAVE’s token as a result of the shares you have made over time.


►ICO sales and details

The AIRSAVE platform will have its tokens. ASTC will display its symbol. This token will be located in the standard Ethreum ERC20 blockchain.

The distribution of markers and funds is as follows:



► Final words

Nowadays the project, which will launch IEO at exmarket, proved itself. Probably the sales will also be quite successful. Therefore, initial investment in this project may be profitable for you. Details of the project, which has great success in the field of tourism, are available from official sources.

The advantages of the project are not limited to what I write. There are many details about this. I have summarized the most remarkable sections of you. If you have a taste about the project, I have included the official sources of the project at the beginning of the article to get more detailed information. You can have detailed information about the project through these links.

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