Airsave Travel utilizes square chain innovation

Airsave Travel Information

We’ve structured this stage to work with blockchain innovation as the establishment for our stage improvement. Since its first discharge blockchain offers quick and secure online exchanges and backings a wide range of information and cryptographic money. Blockchain innovation utilizes a framework where each exchange is recorded and can’t be changed until the end of time. We built up this stage to use blockchain innovation as the establishment for building up our stage. A blockchain is an appropriated exchange record with data called “squares”. It’s an approach to store and process information that has surprised the world in view of its unparalleled security potential.

Airsave Travel is an appropriated application (DApp) worked in 2018. It is a single tick innovation that does not require section, info or establishment. Airsave Travel utilizes square chain innovation to pull in, affirm, and remunerate all clients who need to set aside some cash and profit for movement in the biological system. Before sparing a little measure of cash every month, attempt complimentary by utilizing another cryptanalysis strategy, AirsaveCoins (AST), or by utilizing a secret key to store your secret word focuses. By following constant virtual focuses and genuine adjusts, you can perceive how effectively your encryption focuses can twofold your real salary. With the current Airsave idea (presently accessible in the App Store) and open source square chain innovation, you can gain cash for every one of your excursions utilizing your companion’s organizers.

Airsave Travel is a decentralized application (DApp) worked in 2018. This is a single tick innovation that requires no information, information or establishment. Airsave Travel utilizes Blockchain innovation to draw in, validate, and remunerate all clients in their biological system that need to set aside some cash and gain cash on their voyage.

This stage offers reserve funds on the new cryptographic money Airsave Coins (AST). Reserve funds can likewise be made in outside cash. You’ll perceive how simple Crypto Points can duplicate your real salary by following virtual and constant continuous adjusts. With the current Airsave idea (right now accessible on the App Store) and Blockchain innovation with open source, you can utilize your system of companions to acquire cash on the entirety of your movements.

Airsave venture highlights:

On the off chance that you spare £ 20 (or AST proportional) every month, you’ll get £ 5 per month for every companion you spare, and you’ll see that your salary does not increment when you welcome companions and increment your rundown of suggestions. At regular intervals, you may pull back your investment funds and salary in any type of visa or digital money of your decision. STA Travel, our elite accomplice, must pay at any rate 20% of the sum paid for movement vouchers.

Offer with companions:

Cash can be earned when individuals from a rundown of Facebook companions swing to their companions.

Spare and procure cash:

Clients and their companions have the chance to procure cash with chips or cash.


The capacity to spare and procure virtual cash is free. Therefore, there are no dangers related with item testing.

Simple to utilize:

Month to month reserve funds and benefit following are accessible in advantageous, simple to-utilize dashboards.


Recover your funds and rewards for money in STA Travel tickets.

Token Information

Token name: Airsave travel coin

Token Ticker: ASTC

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Total supply: 125,000,000 ASTC

Token for sale: 117,500,000 ASTC

Token price:

Advance ICO Phase 1: 800 ASTC = $ 100

Advance ICO Phase 2: 500 ASTC = $ 100

Primary ICO: 400 ASTC = $ 100

Receiving: ETH, BTC

ICO details


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