Airwallet – the first decentralized airdrop platform in the world

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AIR WALLET   is the world’s first Airdrop & Digital Wallet application & platform that transforms the Airdrop Industry. Our simplified solutions to current industry problems will make implementing, storing and receiving Airdrops easier for everyone.

AIR WALLET will launch the IEO with the DOBI Trade Exchange and another exchange on December 10. 2018

We understand the value of Airdrops for companies and collectors. Currently the Airdrop industry is constrained by problems that slow down the process of researching, implementing, and receiving Airdrop. The process can be time consuming and difficult to complete. That is why we are working hard to provide a simplified solution to all those who want to participate in Airdrops.


AIR WALLET aims to solve current problems in this industry to help assist in market growth, build authentic communities for tokens projects, while creating a comfortable platform taking into account our users.
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For most residents, it is not friendly with the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain, there are too few obstacles to enter. Our goal is to break down barriers and provide a gateway for people to be part of industry growth and contribute to the growth of the market. Airwallet will show you a number of digital assets must be supported on our platform. Users are able to manage digital assets that they now have for Airdrop Tokens that are not yet listed on the Exchange. airwallet will also make viewing and managing the assets that users hold on to cryptocurrency exchanges as possible through our platform by integrating multiple exchange APIs that allow users to efficiently view, store and manage all of their cryptocurrencies.


❚   airdrops:   AIR DOMPET will remove steps that do not need AirDrop participation requires. With verified users of KYC, AIR WALLET will provide a list of approved token projects along with a description and purpose of the project. Users will be able to participate in Airdrops at the touch of a button, making participation quick and easy.

❚   The Community Growth   Token project will see significant growth in their community through visibility to users of the DOMPET AIR platform. Integration with social media channels will enable verified KYC users to be easily involved in the token project community.

❚   ICO:   Participation in the ICO will be simplified. Each ICO will be included with details about the project, tokens, whitepaper, and website. AIR WALLET users will be able to see each ICO and have quick access to subscribe to promising projects.

❚   Visibility:   Through Airdrops, AIR WALLET will be seen for various token projects. For each Airdrop that a user receives from a project, AIR WALLET will notify the milestone users and project updates via notification notifications.

❚   Integration:   Blockchain based services and project platform token integration will be possible on the AIR WALLET platform. From the market, to travel services, and everything in between, AIR WALLET will provide channels for blockchain services so users can choose to engage in a variety of services.

❚   Wallet:   AIR WALLET will fully comply with the ERC-20, allowing users to add special ERC-20 token data into their AIR WALLET account. In addition, all major cryptocurrency will be supported on the AIR WALLET platform.

One-stop solution for managing your cryptocurrency and Airdrop all on one platform.
• Manage and View All Airdrops
• Simple Tasks
• Join Automatic Communities
• Airdrops Automatically Distributed
• Exchange Airdrops locked into AIR Tokens
• Follow Projects and Accept Updates

Q3 2018 Roadmap
✓ Conception of Ideas
✓ Team Development
✓ Early Stage Investment
✓ Whitepaper Ver. 1.0
✓ Product Development
✓ Launch of the Website

Q4 2018
✓ Asia Roadshow
✓ App. Launching Demo
✓ Strategic Partnership
✓ Testing Smart Contract
✓ Test Wallet
• Application. Launch
• List of IEOs

Q1 2019
• Multi-Language Support
• Airdrop Swap
• Payment Systems

Blockchain Platform Integration • DApp Store Layout

Q2 2019
• DApp Store Integration
• AIR Pool Service Layout
• International Business Dev.
• Mainnet Development
• ATM Integration
• Offline Payment

AIR Token Token Info
Price 1 AIR = 0,06 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap 5000000 USD
Singapore State


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