AIS – Alternative Investment and Security


With the increasing number of cryptocurrency, the need for a cryptocurrency exchange that is safer, easier to use, provides a variety of services to attract users will also increase. In addition, there is an increasing demand for services that allow cryptocurrency to be used as a personal financial asset.

We at Project AIS plan to develop a cryptocurrency exchange of some kind in Mongolia. This cryptocurrency exchange will have all the features and regular functions but also provides AI Concierge to support the transactions and user services to increase the value of our cryptocurrency. By investing in cryptocurrency and mining resources mining, we can share coins with income not only from the exchange platform but from this mining project.

The AIS project does not replace cryptocurrency in Mongolia. We will also provide platforms for exchange of coins with many features. The new exchange, of course, will increase the convenience and reliability of existing services, but not only, it offers new users of cryptocurrency, which actually works as real financial assets. To achieve this, we invest in DoubleCryptocurrency mining and real business, getting resources.

In addition, under the supervision of a central bank in Mongolia, we will conduct a business with one of the largest banks in Mongolia and will change according to current Mongolian laws. At bank branches, we can guarantee world-level security at a high level.

We will provide cryptocurrency exchange services for legal currencies allowing further use of assets.

Mongolia is an internal country, surrounded by Russia in the north and south China. We often think of nomads, mountains and cars, ger. Nearly half of the 3 million residents live in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is a unique country with a population concentrated in a city.

We are in the Project AIS plan to create a kind of cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia. The proposed cryptocurrency exchange will have all the usual functions and functions, but it will provide AI Concierge to support users of transactions and services that increase the value of our digital currency. By investing in cryptocurrency mining and mining resources, we can share the benefits of coin holders not just the exchange platform, but also the mining project.


AIS tokens are real coins for replacing the cryptocurrency of AIS-X.

Resources Mining companies for new sources will use gold, copper and coal but will specialize in rare metal mining.

Cryptocurrency mining 
The new cryptocurrency mining will evaluate different cryptocurrency using the ASIC engine, which suits the risk of hedging risk to minimize mining efficiency.

Affiliate Business Bank 
We place a cryptocurrency exchange on a bank server to provide maximum security.

AI Concierge 
The AI ​​Concierge that understands the characteristics of user behavior will be provided to help everyone from daily transaction to market trend analysis.

We plan to provide chat services in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Sales Tokens

Information on the crowd

2019 Crowdsale Time Period Q2
Soft Cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 45,000,000 USD

Token Recognition

Public 50% 
Foundation 20% 
Team 15% 
Receive 10% 
5% prize 
Token allocation: Total 2,300,000,000 coins

Fund allocation

35% Operation 
Research & Development 35% 
25% Marketing 
Law & Compliance 5%


To be honest, I have repeatedly written reviews of various crypto currency exchanges, but AIS surprised me with the fact that this was the first Mongolian exchange, it was created and operated with the support of the Central Bank of Mongolia, and also fulfilled all the legislative norms of the country. If this project is at an early stage, getting such strong support, we can safely assume that success is guaranteed. In addition, AIS developers intend to develop other promising areas in parallel, such as the mining environment for digital assets and other minerals available in Mongolia.

Therefore, do not miss your chance to take an active part in developing the AIS exchange. To do this, I suggest you learn all the documents needed for this project, and learn all the features independently. To do this, you will find a link at the end of this review to all useful resources that you might need for a deeper AIS analysis.



Personality Analysis Examples

MOU July Signing on NI Bank

Establishment of NIEX, a corporation dedicated to the AIS Project, in Mongolia

October – Pre Sales 
November – Starting from the Cryptocurrency Mining company. 
December – AI Concierge α EXAM software


March – Cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia 
Most People in Sales 
Starting investing in Resource Mining. 
May – AI Concierge β software 
Jun EXAM – Launch of AI Concierge software



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