AIS project is crypto-bag in Mongolia builds.

Hello everyone, I will introduce the project about AIS. If you are interested in joining the AIS project, let’s look together

We at Project AIS plan to establish a cryptocurrency exchange of some kind in Mongolia. This cryptocurrency exchange will have all the features and regular functions but will also provide AI Concierge to support user transactions and services to increase the value of our cryptocurrency. By investing in cryptocurrency mining and resource mining, we will be able to share with profit coin holders not only from the exchange platform but also from this mining project.

What is AIS?

The AIS project will not exchange any cryptocurrency in Mongolia. We will also offer coin-operated platforms with many functions. Of course, the new exchange will increase the comfort and reliability of existing services, but not only that, but also new cryptocurrency users who actually act as financial assets. To achieve this, we will invest in the mining business of DoubleCryptocurrency and invest in real mining resources  
In addition, under the supervision of a central bank in Mongolia, we will establish a business relationship with one of the main banks in Mongolia and operate a stock exchange in accordance with applicable Mongolian law. With banking companies, we can realize world-class world-class security. 
We will provide services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies with legitimate currencies that will  
allow further use of assets. Finally, we want to offer something
What is Mongolia? 
Mongolia is an international country surrounded by Russia in the North and China in the South.  We often think of nomads, highlands and car units, ger. About half of the 3 million live residents in the capital, Ulaanbaatar.  Mongolia is a unique country with a population concentrated in one city.
We at Project AIS plan to establish one type of cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia.  The proposed Cryptocurrency exchange will have all the features and functions but will also provide services to users and increase
the value of our digital currency.  By investing in cryptocurrency mining and resource mining, we will be able to share with coin holders the benefits of not only the exchange platform but also from this mining project.
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The unique Wallet application uses AI technology, which is full of opportunities for users around the world. 
AI technology has been used in healthcare, infrastructure, finance, banking and services. 
Smartphones have shown the possibility of personal assistants and concierge services and have been integrated into our everyday lives. When registering at the Exchange, users are prompted to perform a simple behavioral test. In this way, the AI ​​personal concierge can understand the behavioral characteristics of each user. We are working hard to develop a personal AI concierge that will serve all users. Our mission is to build a new crypto wallet in Mongolia to provide original token with a variety of features and services and  
to develop an AI concierge system that you navigate through the growing market for  crypto currencies  helps.

Sales Tokens

Crowd Sales Information
Crowdsale Time Period 2019 Q2
Soft Cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 45,000,000 USD

Allocation Token

Public 50%
Foundation 20%
Team 15%
Recipient 10%
Prizes 5%
Allocation Tokens: Total 2,300,000,000 coins
Alokasi Dana
Operation: 35%
Research & Development: 35%
Marketing: 25%
Law & Compliance: 5%
For more information, please visit the following link:
Penulis: Tuyul Gupies

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