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The Artificial Intelligence Video Open Network (AIVON) is a decentralized open-source blockchain protocol and ecosystem built on a consensus artificial intelligence (AI) network and a community of expert people working together to create normalized and advanced metadata for video content. Developers can create decentralized video applications (DApps) on top of the AIVON protocol. It will be a kind of first decentralized open search engine for video that AIVON will build. Platform participants can either launch AI nodes or provide expert knowledge, and be rewarded using AVO tokens.

The AIVON will use AI to ensure the safety of adult content, nudity, violence, alcohol and abusive language, just to name a few. The platform generates a trust rating and transforms you into the content graphic for proper demonstration and viewing by the users.

The AI ​​algorithms are deployed via mining nodes to specialize in filtering Miner media files, GPU and CPU resources. It will also contain time-coded tags, video transcripts and translations to index specific and desired media, especially video snippets.

ALL aivon builders have experience in metadata management, tagging, translation, and transcription to ensure the functionality of the platform. This network of competent coders and experts promises verified and correct AI-derived metadata for the overall purpose of the blockchain protocol.

The team is made up of people who are passionate about and understanding of blockchains and its protocols. Most of you are engineers who have already made your name in the industry and will continue to do so.

In addition to the leaders and other subordinates, the team will also be advised by blockchain platform founders, CEOs of AI companies, and leaders of lead developers of popular software.

AIVON publishes erc20 tokens, also known as AVO, to reward and encourage your members or users. The said token is also used as a form of payments in the entire Aivon ecosystem.

The said platform has an ICO token supply of 350,000,000 and a hard-cap size of 18,000,000 USD (flat). AIVON accepts currencies in USD or ETH. The price of one AVO equals = 0.16 USD.

35% of token’s sales go to the token sale, 22.5% to the community development and 20% to the founders and the team. The remaining 15% and 7.5% in said distribution will go to the market development of the platform and consultants respectively.
The management of the platform is also transparent on the allocation of funds, by which 30% for research and development (R & D), 25% on the operations, 20% for the platform costs, another 20% for the marketing, and 3% and 2 % for both legal and accounting, as well as admin.

Since AIVON is relatively new and has been selling only AVO or tokens since September 2018, its risks have not yet been calculated. Of course, many ICO enthusiasts, founders and leaders are also testing the market. The platform’s current hype score, though active, is low.

China is also the land of restriction for the platform. Compared to other ICO or blockchain platforms, AIVON is still building its path to recognition, especially when investing in AI technology is huge.

Although there are uncalculated risks in the platform that exist in the blockchain industry, it functions are impressive. The team, leaders and founders behind AIVON are one of the suggestions as to why this platform will gain trust from those who are interested.

It’s a good premise is one of the impressive selling points of the platform. Although the risks may evolve, it would still be worth trying every investor.

AIVON still has much to prove, especially with the platform’s advanced technology used. It could be an excellent addition to the selections of blockchain platforms in the market today.

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Global From Asia ICO briefing makes extremely early research of token deals. As the project progresses, the details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

The AIVON project seeks to solve the problems of high-quality video content search, there is also a problem of monetization to the creators of video. These are just some of the problems that have arisen due to the massive expansion of online video. When the video stream is downloaded and viewed, the search for content becomes harder and harder.

YouTube is the closest to the search engine for today’s video. And users searching for videos are limited to what was uploaded and tagged on YouTube. However, online video is everywhere and YouTube is no longer the only place to search online for videos. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and many other sites are increasingly relying on video and attract users. And let’s not forget about viral video apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Video is becoming a standard component on most websites that are indistinguishable from text and graphics. But unfortunately, most videos are not indexed in any meaningful way.

The solution to these problems will be the AIVON protocol, which includes:

1. Artificial intelligence.
Specialized AI algorithms will be deployed at the production sites, so the resources of the processor and the graphics processor miners can be used to scan media files, generate advanced metadata, including time stamps, classification, categories, transcripts and translations, as well as an index of video objects.
2. ContentGraph.
The AIVON platform will use AI to determine confidence scores for each of several content security attributes, such as nudity, adult, abusive language, hate speech, violence, weapons, alcohol, etc. These trust scores will be combined into a vector called ContentGraphTM which can be visualized as a histogram.
3. Human Expert.

AIVON uses a network of freelancers with the skills of tag management, metadata management, transcription and translation. AIVON will provide its communities with the tools to enable individuals to view, verify and adjust metadata obtained from AI, including categorization, transcription and translations.

Road map.

The project is long-term and its full implementation with all its capabilities is planned in early 2020. And it is very curious whether AIVON will be able to compete with such a media giant like YouTube, time will tell. You can read more about the project at the links below.


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