AIVON – Artificial Intelligence Video Open Network.


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AIVON [Artificial Intelligence Open Network Video] is decentralized, the open-source blockchain protocol and ecosystem built-in network of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing resources and a community of human experts. Developers can build Decentralized Video Applications (DApps) on top of the HIV protocol, the first of which will be the first decentralized Open Video Search Engine which will build. Platform participants can either run AI nodes or provide expertise and be rewarded with AVO Tokens.

AI Computer Vision algorithms running on CPU / GPU resources will be used to scan media files, generate enhanced metadata including time-coded tags, classification, categories, transcripts and translations, and index of the video objects. Humans with expertise in tagging, editing and translation can Participate in the AIVON shared economy to help with the verification, validation and / or creation of video metadata. AI Machine Learning algorithms will always learn from AIVON community to become
better and smarter. #Aivon #aivonico #tokensale #AI #Blockchain #aivonio



AIVON is a newly centralized block-based protocol and platform that is made and built via the power of an AI network. Leaders and innovators of the put together research program and the hard task of solving problems in content safety, videos of metadata, and internet video localization.

The AIVON will apply AI to make sure the safety of contents from violence, violence, alcohol, adult and offensive language to name a few. The platform will produce confidence and move it into content for accurate demonstration and viewing by consumers. The artificial intelligence is deployed via mining nodes to specialize with filtering miners’ media, CPU and GPU resources. It’ll also include time coded tags, translations to index, video transcripts and desired media especially video snippets.

The entire AIVON builders hold wide experiences in translation, metadata management, tagging, and transcribing to make sure the functionality of the AIVON platform. This is the overall purpose of the block-based protocol.

The team is made up of individuals who have understanding and passion about block chains and its protocols. Most of them are skilled engineers that already made their names in the sector and carry on doing so.

Aside from the directors and the all other subordinates, the whole team is also a chain of founders, CEO of AI organizations, and heads of leading programmers known among others.

AIVON will empower the community with tools to enable the community to moderate, review, verify the meta-tags, categorize, transcribe and / or translate content, economic incentives to encourage this activity through the AVO Tokens. #Aivon #aivonico #tokensale #AI #Blockchain #aivonio


AIVON ERC chain protocol releases: 20 tokens or also known as AVO tokens to incentivize and reward their members or consumers. The said token will also be used as a type of payments in the entire AIVON system. The said podium has an Initial Coin Offering a token of supply of 350,000,000 and a hard cap mass of $ 18,000,000 USD.

AIVON accepts currencies in either ETH or USD. The cost of one AVO is equivalent to = $ 0.16 USD.

35 percent of the total allocation will go to ICO sales, 22.5 percent to community development, and 20 percent of what will go to the team and founders. The remaining 15 percent and 7.5 percent in the said will go to the platform’s marketplace development and advisors correspondingly. The system of administration is also obvious about distribution of funds, by which 30 percent will be for research and development, 25 percent to the process, 20 percent for platform charges, more 20 percent for the advertising, and 2 percent % and 3% to both lawful and accounting, as-well-as admin. #Aivon #aivonico #tokensale #AI #Blockchain #aivonio





#AIVON #videosearchengine #tokensale #AI #videoadvertising #metadata

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