It has been recorded that the aggregate number of videos being seen on Youtube consistently is more than 4.3million. This is only a solid proof to demonstrate the expanded need being given to online video watching all around by the majority. We require not underscore the actuality that most business associations and ventures all around need commercial and mindfulness for the majority and video video/generation is an imperative angle here.

The most widely recognized video search platform we are altogether used to which is Youtube is encountering monstrous deluge of new clients every day with expanding video content being transferred. This expansion in the majority preference to video instead of each other online content has achieved the introduction of some other platform as Instagram and Snapchat which has additionally recorded an abnormal state of use universally.

With the expansion inclinations for video content by the majority, at that point you’ll concur with me that the most ideal approach to get high traffic for a site must be accomplished by means of video content thusly, the video business is a vital part of the web.

In any case, we require not overlook the way that there are a few insufficiencies being experienced on the vast majority of the video web databases normal to us. Instances of these provisos are featured beneath:

• Lack of metadata by video contents
• Unsearchable and opaque video content
• Content restriction to specific languages
• Lack of content safety for viewers and advertisers

With all these recorded challenges on the video look platforms, AIVON has obtained an enduring answer for massively enhance the general openness and use of video content.


AIVON is a decentralized and open-source blockchain network and biological system that is being based on the conglomeration of both Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence network so as to create typical and improved video content metadata.


On AIVON network, there will be a system of human specialists with changing field of mechanical mastery which work related to human intelligence I request to make included metadata and furthermore balance, audit and confirmation of effectively inferred metadata.


On AIVON platform there are 5 autonomous parties to be specific;

• Software developers
• Requesters
• Validators
• Computing Resource Providers and
• Human experts.

What Are the Real World Examples and Application of AIVON?

• Can be utilized for age of better content metadata for enhanced discoverability and pursuit

• Extraction of scene level metadata

• AI coordinate confirmation and rectification by people so as to lessen the frequency of false constructive and adverse outcomes

• Increase in the safety dimension of content

• Increase in safety level for brands and sponsors

• Application of both human and AI intelligence in interpretation of video content.

Open Video Search Engine (OVSE)

This is one of the first DApps that will be based on the AIVON network which will offer a Ubiquitous and straightforward search engine and record for video curated online and kept up by the network which is represented through a Decentralized Authority Organization by an accord.

AVO tokens will be utilized as an utility token on the platform which can be utilized to make buys and enables clients to be entitled concessions which will be at AVO team’s’ discretion in this manner expanding the general use of the token.


Token Symbol : AVO (TBC)
Private Sales Start Date : 1 August 2018
Initial issue size : 400,000,000 (400 million)

Total supply: 1billion

Whitelisting Date : 1 October 2018
Maximum issue size : 1,000,000,000 (1 billion, after 10 years
Public Sales Date : November 2018 (TBC)
Token Price : 6.25 AIVON to 1 USD
Hardcap Target : USD18,000,000

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