Akroma is a cryptocurrency and application development platform focused on creating a governance model that will reward long-term, sustainable development and design.

Akroma is focused on finding solutions to two main problems facing decentralized application development platforms. The first is to create a sustainable governance model around this new network that avoids the trappings of genesis block allocations, pre-mines, and ICO fundraising as all these methods incentivize founders and early adopters to “pump and dump” and move onto the next project.

Using lessons learned from Dash, ZCash, BitShares and EOS, we believe that we can build a governance model that supports long term sustainability for the Akroma project, while still rewarding early adopters.


Decentralized Oracles

Oracles are systems that provide data to smart contracts. The goal of an oracle network is to develop a feature that developers of smart contracts can trust enough to access the results of the data provided to them as it will often be the catalyst for moving tokens.

Oracles are a very new concept and there are multiple ways to implement Oracles. Oraclize and ChainLink are two unique implementations. As we develop the Akroma oracle offering, we expect both of these to be seen as competitors and also compatible with the Akroma project.


This one is a more up to date term to a great many people. Merriam-Webster Dictionary characterizes a prophet as “a man, (for example, a priestess of old Greece) through whom a divinity is accepted to speak.” This is right on target. A blockchain just realizes what is on the blockchain, the prophet will give access to data outside the blockchain.


While the implementation of Masternodes vary between different crypto currencies the general concept is that a Masternode is a full node with a set amount of currency (5000 Akroma in this case) locked that allows that node to perform a function on the network and receive a reward for performing those functions. Those functions can include instant transactions, budgeting, governance, creating privacy, etc.

There are a few essential up and coming occasions:

Hard Fork at Block 300K.This hard fork will incorporate the required code for Masternodes and will change the piece reward to mirror this expansion. The square reward after piece 300K will be 7/2/1 (Miners/Masternodes/Akroma Foundation).

Walk first, 2018 – Start of Masternode Alpha ProgramParticipation in the alpha program will be constrained to a little gathering of members picked aimlessly from the gathering of clients that enlist for the alpha.

Alpha program members will get 1% of the adjust of the address holding the Masternode bit of the square reward to keep away from unreasonably compensating members picked indiscriminately.

Masternode alpha Program members must have the 5K Akroma required to run a Masternode, must approach a linux server (exceptionally suggest a VPS, for example, Vultr, AWS, or Azure), ought to have essential linux charge line capacity, and ought to have some additional time every week to refresh and introduce programming on the linux server.

Walk first, 2018 – Expected distribute date for the long haul guide.

April first, 2018 – Start of Masternode Beta Program (Date May Not be 100% Accurate)Beta program members will incorporate every single alpha member and extra members picked aimlessly from the gathering of clients that enlist for the beta.

Beta program members will get 5% of the adjust of the address holding the Masternode segment of the piece reward to stay away from unreasonably compensating members picked aimlessly.

May first, 2018 – Open Masternodes (Date May Not Be 100% Accurate)Everyone holding the required measure of Akroma (5K) will have the capacity to setup a Masternode.

Initial two days will keep on utilizing the 5% of the adjust of the address holding the Masternode part of the piece compensate.

On the third day after open Masternodes are experience the reward will be 6% of the aggregate Masternode part of the square reward, this will increment by 1% every day until the point that the reward achieves 100%.

Akroma is as of now working in mid-POW mid-POS, task in which the Etherum will switch in 2019.

Accordingly, the system is now tolerating Masternodes, which required 5k $AKA for being setting up.

The more Masternodes the system will have and the higher the nature of the system will build, we can accordingly trust that Akroma will truly convey on its guarantee of smoothness and speed.

Masternodes help protect and scale the Akroma network by validating transactions and acting as a decentralization incentive. Running a masternode is rewarded with Akroma.

The masternode layer will provide the foundation of additional features on the Akroma network.


Akroma is a fork of the go implementation of the Ethereum protocol. It is a fork in the sense that it uses the same codebase; not the same ledger. Akroma is to Ethereum as Litecoin is to Bitcoin.

Development on decentralized platforms is growing at a fever pace. As developers look to build their application without the side effects of network congestion there are few options that arise.

The first option is to build “next to” the network that you are building your application on. The second option is to consider new platforms that promise better stability. The third option is the one that the Akroma team took; stand up your own network, and make it public.

All the tools developers use can be used on Akroma.


• No major protocol changes

• Continuous integration of upstream changes

• Focus on UX (user experience)

• Consumer over Enterprise.


See the great TEAM

Be part of this project by following the below links:

Website: https://Akroma.io

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/KWC8wtT

Medium: https://medium.com/akroma

Twitter: https://twitter.com/akroma_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AkromaIO

Github: https://github.com/akroma-project/



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