AKROPOLIS — It is a blockchain based start-up where they used to solve the problem of pensions. Their main vision is to solve the world’s pension deficit problem. As pensions are deficitary in many countries but governments are trying to make people get benefit by getting their pensions. This project aims to be the largest pensions infrastructure in the world and creating decentralised pensions on the blockchain and a safer financial future built by and for the people.
How does it work
They are at initial stage of planning to build a new protocol where parties like individual users, developers, fund managers, pension funds and institutional users will be able to use their platform. But their initial focus will be on private pensions sector while they are building a platform tech where they are expanding it with parties. Also, they not aiming to be extracting any historical data from the governments instead they are focusing on private sectors.
They are also providing the service of savings in the payments of their users. The process which goes — provide the information regarding the salaries of users then they give the structure of the savings them.
According to The World Economic Forum — “48% of the retirement aged population do not receive a pension, and the retirement savings gap globally will grow from $70 trillion in 2015 to $400 trillion by 2050.”
There are many challenges increasing on global retirement systems. They are:
1. Lack of easy access to pension
2. Insufficient savings rates
3. High degree of individual responsibility to manage pension
They are planning to build modern pensions platform with a team of leading experts in pensions and blockchain technology. They are trying to add pensions schemes with blockchain technology to provide benefits to the parties like individual users, institutional users, developers, pension funds and savings. Also, they are providing to users to give access to their profiles.
Utility Tokens
There are two main tokens of AKROPOLIS platform.
1. AKROPOLIS External Token (AKT)
AKTs can be used for following operations — Onboarding and platform access to the users, purchase premium services by providing data access and in return users can get reward as in tokens. Individual users will have access to several extended services offered on the platform for that premium services it will require AKTs.
2. AKROPOLIS Internal Token (AIT)
This token is totally independent from the AKTs token where it represents as an arbitrary stable coin. With the nature of staking, this token is required to give users a volatile-free option while engaging in staking mechanisms. AITs also serve in recording the accounting bookkeeping records under the AKROPOLIS system and funds of users are represented digitally by AITs which means users acquire AITs token after depositing funds into the system. AITs can be exchanged for both cryptocurrency and fiat deposits.
The Team
They are having 10 well & experienced team members including Founder/CEO and others are 9 Advisors.
Anastasia O. Andrianova — Founder/CEO — She has strong interest in decentralization and blockchain and having an experience in Advisor, Fund Manager, Lehman Brothers. Member of Blockchain Ecosystem Network.
Sandra Wu — Senior Advisor to the CEO & General Counsel — Having 10 years of experience in M&A, corporate security law and private equity fund formation.
Abhimanyu — Head of Strategy — Finance Graduate & involved in blockchain since 2013.
Jay Mehta — Project & Media Manager — Having 10 years of experience in managing design firms and creating quality content for companies like Microsoft, Sega & Sony.
Token Matrix
Total Token Supply — 900,000,000
Hard Cap — $25,000,000
Maximum token amount for sale — 360,000,000
Maximum token amount for sale (%) — 40%
Token Price — $0.069
They are into at very initial stage of building their platform where they are adding the pensions funds infrastructure with the blockchain and smart contracts. No doubt they have well and experienced strong team, but the question comes into my mind that does this company really solve the problem regarding this. This is because they are not active in their Telegram Official Channel.
Other thing, they have not released their whitepaper yet still it is in draft format where personally I found difficulties to understand their high technical terms and, in their site, where they have nothing mentioned about how actually they are going to solve the problem.
Website — https://akropolis.io/
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