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AkropolisWhat is Akropolis

Akropolis is a greek word that means a defensive core of a city and this organisation is building a decentralised pension infrastructure such that people can connect to variety of funds available for them and protects the pension funds to get misplaced thus this name. Akropolis will work on blockchain technology using smart contracts that will be transparent and accountable for all the funds. This platform acts as a gateway for individuals, pension funds and pension assets managers that manages retirement investments.Akropolis is aiming to get rid of the flaws that surrounds pension industry with immutable and transparent smart contract based pension funds industry.Their motto is building a decentralised pension infrastructure by and for the people,creating a safer financial future for humanity.

By what means will it work

Akropolis is expecting to build up a decentralized blockchain benefits foundation that conveys trustless retirement sparing products.It will be composed to such an extent that it gives straightforward, responsible and versatile annuity administrations to every one of the people who utilizes this stage. The stage will bargain or give an entryway to singular clients, benefits finances and finances directors. Recorded underneath are the critical performing artists and the cooperations that all will experience :

Singular clients : A man who utilizes akropolis stage for their annuity investment funds.

Annuity reserves : These are institutional substances who keeps up their stage and gathering of clients.

Assets administrator : These are institutional substances accused of obtaining and securing resources for the benefit of PF or users.They will report frequently on the advantages gained or acquired under their management.They assembled arrangement of benefits and make them accessible for the financial specialists.

Resource tokenizers : Assets are tokenized all together for the framework to work productively. These are concentrated substances that give a source to blockchain layer.

Engineers : They are network individuals who are the key individuals for the akropolis stage to work productively and viably.


In the present period, Retirement designs that are being coursed is surfaced by different issues and difficulties like:

Absence of simple access to annuities Many individuals still needs access to their own particular benefits designs and funds.

Money related education is low — people does not have the learning about which retirement designs suits their way of life and what precisely should be possible to their budgetary status to meet the necessities when resigned.

Insufficient reserve funds rates — People don’t precisely recognize what add up to be kept in their investment funds of their salary that can meet their retirement designs, it is composed that we should spare no less than 10– 15% of what we gain to have an anchored future without agonizing over the cash.

People are in charge of their pensions — It is to be noted that the commitment frameworks are developing relentlessly with half of general worldwide retirement resources and yet these plans are planned such that puts general obligation of a person to deal with their own particular annuity designs.


Akropolis is planning to control all the previously mentioned issues by building a decentralized annuity stage on blockchain innovation that will in reality offer access to every one of the clients about the assortment of benefits stores accessible to them. The clients will likewise become more acquainted with the amount to spare so they can carry on with a glad life after retirement without stressing over wage sources. Not to overlook Akropolis stage will likewise furnish subsidize chiefs to check with the clients and recommends them the retirement design according to se.


There are two primary tokens that akropolis stage will work upon.First is Akropolis outside token i.e. AKT that will go about as the utility token for every one of the individuals to take part and gain admittance to this platform.This token will likewise give the clients to buy premium administrations according to their prerequisite. Second one is Akropolis interior token i.e. AIT, that will be a steady coin and responsible to keep the track and record capital stream inside the framework.


The team consists of experienced people who has good knowledge about the pension funds and also has the people who already worked in the area of blockchain and not to forget the CEO was one of the major advisor for the blockchain technology when it came into picture.

Anastasia O. Andrianova (Founder/CEO) — Anastasia is a member of Blockchain Ecosystem Network and she also is the advisor for web3 foundation. LinkedIn
Sandra Wu (Senior Advisor to the CEO and General Counsel) — Sandra has 10+ years of legal experience in corporate & securities law, and private equity fund formation.She also acts an advisor to ICO issuers and fintech startups.linkedin
Peter Robertson (Pensions Lead) — Peter has worked earlier in the pension firm such as Vanguard and he is quite experienced in this field. linkedin
Abhimanyu Dayal (Head Of Strategy) — Abhimanyu has an experienced in the blockchain industry for 5 years now and he is also involved with bitnation as the decentralised application fund manager. linkedin
Victor Wiebe (Blockchain Developer) — Software engineer and has 5+ years experienced in delivering mobile apps and web products. linkedin

Token metrics

Token Symbol: AKT

Total token supply : 900,000,000

Hard cap : $25,000,000

Max. token amount for sale : 360,000,000 (40%)

Token price : 1 AKT = 0.0690 USD

Presale: On-Going

Platform : Ethereum


Being the first ever project to enter in the complexed industry i.e. pension sector itself is really commendable and that shows the potential of this organisation to even think about such a platform to solve issues related retirement plans.Making pension funds more accessible and transparent seems bit complicated but if achieved this will be one of a best reforms that any project can bring in the society. There are few negative points as well like the whitepaper is extremely technical and not user friendly, the team is not very responsive when approached to ask about the working or the funds that they collected and also there is no such prototype available in the market for this project. Overall the idea is good and still new. So, if you are planning to invest in this project then due diligence is highly recommended.

For more information:

WEBSITE : https://akropolis.io/

WHITEPAPER : https://link.akropolis.io/whitepaper

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/akropolisio/

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/akropolis_official

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/akropolisio

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