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Instant Medical Access (IAM)

improve the quality and accessibility of health services


Introducing iAM

The integrated IAM platform solves the biggest health problems including insurance fraud, medication compliance, prescription abuse and also the portability of medical data. With corporate partners, Guardtime, Healthcare Gateway, and DXS, our solutions will be accessible to more than 70% of the UK population. Users can share their records (guaranteed by blockchain) and pay for services with iAM tokens. Our health economy is governed by smart contracts. Patients, doctors, insurance, researchers, public health institutions, and large pharmacies often have different goals. iAM reconciles conflicting goals and provides win-win results for all participants. We call it a consensus point.

Instant Access Medical (IAM) is a blockchain based project that seeks to develop a digital health care delivery system that connects medical tourism patients with health care organizations and organizations. The platform also aims to improve the quality and accessibility of health services while eliminating decentralization in medical tourism services to meet the needs of medical clients.

The integrated IAM platform aims to address health care issues including insurance fraud, drug compliance, prescription abuse, and also medical mobility problems. For business partners, Guardtime, Healthcare Gateway and iAM DXS solutions will reach more than 70% of the UK population

The services provided by IAM include insurance, medical provider license verification, verification of evidence of P2P authentication, verification of medical and personal data.

Users can share their profile (secured by blockchain) and pay for services with iAM warnings. The iAM health economy is governed by smart contracts. Patients, doctors, insurance, researchers, public health institutions and large pharmaceutical companies have different goals. iAM reconciles conflicting goals and brings results to all participants

The IAM Token Code supports the Instant Medical Access platform. Tokens are the primary payments received for products and services offered on the market, such as medical services or advertising services. IAM can be purchased on Open Sales Tokens. After selling tokens, the token holder can trade or transfer tokens on the main electronic exchange platform.

Why invest in Instant Access Medical (IAM)?

Low cost

This platform connects users with many doctors, thereby reducing the amount of money they will get when trying to find and choose the right doctor. This platform will also provide health care services without charging commission or commission fees to users.


Through the effective authentication process provided by this foundation, health service organizations and health care providers can provide better services to patients. This will lead to customer satisfaction and increase their credibility.


Through the use of blockchain technology, unauthorized third parties cannot access personal medical information because their encryption and access is only given to medical providers who want to provide services. Medical desire.

Details about ICO Instant Access Medical

Ticker: Now

Supply of ICO tokens. : 250,000,000

Hard cover size: 35,000,000 USD (fiat)

Sales Tokens

ICO start date. 19 Nov 2018

ICO end date. December 31, 2018

Received Currency. : ETH

Bonus program.

Public Presale: 88% discount

1 discount: 60% discount

2 discount: 40% discount

Discount 3: 20% discount

4 discount: 0% discount

Token distribution.

50% – Sales to Buyers in Sales Tokens

38% – already reserve

8% – Team & Founder

2% – Community involvement

2% – Bounty Campaign

Budget allocation.

75% – Health Service Delivery ($ 26M)

25% – Platform Development & Launch Costs ($ 9M)


Pre-sale start date. Sep 24, 2018

Pre-sale end date. 12 Nov 2018


2018 Q2

iAM has implemented MVP in the form of a fully operational mobile care record. We have also demonstrated the success of integration with Guardtime.

iAM HealthONE is the foundation for the Healthy Athlete Software system used by the Special Olympics. This system has recorded data for more than 1.8 million athletes since 2003. The HealthOne iAM architecture is used by more than 3,000 doctors in five countries. It regulates the lives of more than 6 million patients.

2018 Q3

Lay the foundation for the iAM Health Care economy

2018 Q4

now crowdfunding

Further integration with DXS, Healthcare Gateway and Patient Advocate

2019 Q1

Integrate Guardtime technology solutions (KSI & HSX)

IAM Web Upgrade and Cellular Application UI. Ioa IoT platform integration

Integrate decentralized Wallet embedded in the iAM mobile application and make Fiat “on the road”

Improved Record Distribution through smart contracts

Activate iAM Platform Store. Write, Share, Pay and Get through digital health care economic transactions.

2019 Q2

Deploy Guardtime medical insurance personal care record.

Valid Integrate

2019 Q4

Apply plans to scale to the United States and Australia



Project reference information

WEBSITE:  https://www.instantaccessmedical.io/

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5039302.0

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/health_iam

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/instantaccessmedical/

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/InstantAccessMedical/

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/iAMcommunity

YOUTUBE:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjoVE28KculQy8PlbvzbyA/

Username: Schildhauer
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2354217

Ethereum address: 0xc94bE4b50259F72D21ff9d9099b6b132713F7a17


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