ALCEDO generates a EcoSystem which implements BlockChain technology In to regular activity. It creates cryptocurrency reachable and more useable to get Everyone on the planet. We’re planning at an prevalent endorsement of ALCEDOs along with Different cryptocurrency. To Accomplish our Objectives, we are starting to Develop a community of ALCEDO-Points

At Each ALCEDO-Point a Single Can Purchase, sell and swap Etc.. ) Using the Assistance of all Skilled advisors. The ALCEDO-Coin (ALCE) is the Significant Portion of Our ecosystem,” Because It’s a way for tackling our Assistance rewards and fees app. Get, market, trade and Electronically hauled into and From some other crypto money Accounts.

Investment Decision Ideas We’re enlarging our Conventional company from Gold-Saving Ideas into Crypto-Expense Ideas. It enables users to immediately And readily Purchase or market crypto Monies in our ALCEDO money Devices also POS-Terminals. Crypto-MachinesWe’re supporting famous Crypto-ATMs and constructing a Community in Germany.

As well as this crypto ATM’s,” ALCEDO-Points can help our clients together with the assistance of their service crew. We will provide Our Clients the Exceptional Chance to Get and market Cryptocurrencies Outside online exchanges sufficient reason for the assistance from these pros. They’ll Also Help in Using this ATM’s and response All concerns about crypto monies.

Increasing Alcedo-Points Are Offered beneath a marketing program, that can produce tasks and also a greater and quicker Approval within our society now. We, because the Upcoming , can Guarantee You’ll Get the Optimal/optimally frame With advice that is competent, continuing teaching and steady access. The permit charges will probably soon be compensated excluSively using ALCEDO-Coins, meaning that the ALCEDO-Coin stays inside the provider’s industry cycle.

The ALCEDO Wallet radically simplifies the managing of Crypto Currencies around the Smartphone. Really basically, an individual could send or receive various coins. We provide in the Launch Bitcoin,” Ethereum along with also the ALCEDO-Coin, yet This collection will probably likely be always Expanded.The Wallet Is Intended to operate easily together with all our crypto Devices as well as also the ALCEDO-Platform. For your foreign exchange of Euro in CryptoCurrency, the Procedure Is Virtually Equal for acquiring coins in your system, i.e. scanning the qr-code and acquiring coins. The cell program comprises a map showing locations of crypto devices at Germany. ALCEDO-Wallet was made by detecting the maximum protection criteria.

ALCEDO-Token Structure 

Token: ALCEDO-Token

Total ALCEDO-Token: 100 000 000 ALCE

Hard-Cap: 40 000 000 ALCE

Project-Protocol: first ERC20-Token

Crowd-Sale: Dec 01, 2018

Means of Payment: BTC, ETH, PayPal

ICO [01.12 – 31.05]





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