About the project
The Alcedo platform is a company based in Germany and offers a complete global ecosystem system even before the start of the ICO. The first ALCEDO point in Germany is open. The next one is in the planning stage. The mission is simple: MAKE VALUE. ALCEDO-Points with ALCEDO-Coin will spread very quickly throughout Germany. Also, they are in the process of integrating other partners into the system to cover all of Europe. Get your share of real business and support us to become the most successful eco-system worldwid.
At present, there are approximately three square sizes, 440 crypto-cash machines installed throughout the world, compared to around. 3.5 million standard ATMs worldwide. Obviously, opening the crypto-ATM remains at an early stage. One reason is the cost of group action at Crypto-ATM, whose square size is 1-4% higher than the costs normally charged. Obviously, there are requirements that must be met by providing individual customers with many accessible, efficient, and reasonable answers to form transactions in crypto currencies and to maximize the potential of this transformational domain.

ALCEDO framework
Our clients can take advantage of many restrictions using our ALCEDO-Ecosystem. So as to accelerate appropriation and in this way the spread of ALCEDO-Coins, the use of our stages through ALCEDO-COINS is increasingly ideal. However, each client is allowed to choose the type of electronic money they need.

ALCEDO can actually be a blockchain-based technique that aims to make cryptocurrency available to everyone, and also offers opportunities to maximize throughput with domain names.
ALCEDO is an ecosystem that implements blockchain technology in regular activities.
This platform plans to implement a project that will enable cryptocurrency to be distributed among ordinary people in the world, introduce trust to them, and also offer users a very convenient fiat money exchange for cryptocurrency. Indeed, today, it is rather difficult to find exchangers where it will be possible to exchange crypto currencies with fiat funds directly and vice versa.

The advantages of this project:
ALCEDO-wallet – buy and sell cryptocurrency electronically in and from cryptocurrency accounts. Investment Plan We are expanding our traditional business – from gold savings plans to cryptoinvestment plans.
ALCEDO-Card – allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell cryptocurrency at ALCEDO and POS-terminals.
For the first time, the ALCEDO card is equipped with an integrated NFC chip and can be used at our ALCEDO ATM and our POS terminal. This allows customers to buy or sell cryptocurrency quickly and easily.

ALCEDO customers can benefit from a significant cost reduction to use our ALCEDO ecosystem. To accelerate the spread and thus spread of ALCEDO coins, using our platform through ALCEDO coins is more profitable. The ALCEDO award system encourages customers.

ALCEDO Wallet simplifies cryptocurrency processing on smartphones. Very simple, you can send and / or receive different coins. At first, we offered Bitcoin, Ethereum and ALCEDO-Coin, but this range will continue to grow. The wallet is designed to work smoothly with our crypto engine and the ALCEDO platform. To exchange euros for cryptocurrency, the process is almost the same as receiving coins on an automatic machine, which is scanning a QR code and receiving coins.


Price of ALCE PreICO: 1 ALCE = 0.2 EUR
Price: 1 ALCE = 0.4 EUR
Payments received: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment: 50 EUR
Soft cap: 100 000 EUR
Hard cap: 16 000 000 EUR
White list / KYC: Yes
Forbidden Zone: US, Afghanistan, China.
Stages of Sales Tokens

STAGE 1 = December 1 – January 31 (50% discount 1 Alcedo-Token of 0.20 €)
STAGE 2 = Feb 1 – March 31 (25% Alcedo-Token Discount of 0.30 €)
STAGE 3 = April 1 – May 31 (0% discount 1 Alcedo-Token of 0.40 €)
Results of Sales Tokens
Token distribution


Concept Q2 2017 / was born to spread cryptocurrency & marketing usage
Q3 2017 Q3 2018 / Developing the Concept
Q4 2018 / Open Acedo Point first with an ATM machine & start ICO
Q1 2019 / Prepare Alcedo Tokens to be listed on the exchange
Q2 2019 / Publish a new Wallet
Q3 2019 / Open several Alcedo Points and Alcedo Cash manchines franchises

Dipl. Ing. Hermann Sanktjohanser – Co-Founder and CEO
Ingo Hofbauer -CFO
Maximilian Sanktjohanser – Co-Founder and Director
Radoslav Manev – CTO / Head of Development Team


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