About ALCEDO Platform

Alcedo stage are a German based organization and offer a finished worldwide eco-framework even before the beginning of the ICO. The primary ALCEDO-Point in Germany did officially open. The following one is in the arranging stages. The mission is straightforward: CREATE VALUES.

ALCEDO-Points with the ALCEDO-Coin will spread rapidly all through Germany. Additionally, they are coordinating different accomplices into framework so as to cover all of Europe. Get a lot of genuine business and bolster us turning into the best eco-framework worldwid.

At each ALCEDO-Point one can purchase, move and trade monetary forms (BTC, ALCE, EUR, and so forth.) with the assistance of expert advisors.

The ALCEDO-Coin (ALCE) is an essential piece of our biological community, as it is a method for taking care of our administrative expenses and rewards program.
Purchase, move, trade and electronically transmit to and from any digital money account.
Investment Plans
We are growing our customary business from Gold-Saving Plans to Crypto-Investment Plans.
It enables clients to rapidly and effectively purchase or move cryptographic forms of money at our ALCEDO money machines and POS-Terminals.
We are supporting wellknown Crypto-ATMs and building a system in Germany.


Notwithstanding the crypto ATM’s, ALCEDO-Points will help our clients with the assistance of our administration group. We’ll offer our clients the remarkable chance to purchase and move digital forms of money outside of web trades and with the individual help of our specialists. They will likewise aid the utilization of the ATM’s and answer all inquiries with respect to cryptographic forms of money.
Expanding ALCEDO-Points
ALCEDO-Points are accessible under a diversifying framework, which will make occupations and a higher and quicker acknowledgment in our general public. We, as your future franchisor, will guarantee that you’ll get the best system with equipped counsel, progressing preparing and consistent openness. The permit charges will be paid solely with ALCEDO-Coins, which implies that the ALCEDO-Coin stays in the organization’s business cycle.
Benefit from our experience about digital forms of money and gold
We assist individuals with investing security in digital forms of money and physical gold.


ALCEDO-Cards are prepared out of the blue with an implicit NFC chip and can be utilized at our ALCEDO-ATMs and our POS-Terminals. This enables clients to rapidly and effectively purchase or move cryptographic forms of money.
What’s more, it advances the dispersal and acknowledgment of ALCEDO-Coins and other digital forms of money. No long and lumbering enlistment techniques on outside stock trades are important. We work solely and totally from Germany.
Our Edition 1 ALCEDO-Card is restricted to 1,000 cards, customized and will be without sent of charge (around the world) with the buy of 10,000 ALCEDO-Coins.


The ALCEDO-Coin is a standout amongst the most critical parts in the whole ALCEDO venture and is structured as an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token toward the start of the ICO. Obviously, ALCEDO-Coins can likewise be utilized as money notwithstanding their utilization in the ALCEDO-Ecosystem. We will dispatch the ALCEDO-Coin in Q-4 2019.
This token will be moved over the span of advancement to a different blockchain, with a similar number of coins and existing ALCE ERC20 tokens are traded at a rate of 1 : 1.
ALCEDO-Reward System
Our clients can profit by extraordinarily decreased expenses by utilizing our ALCEDO-Ecosystem.To accelerate the conveyance and along these lines the course of ALCEDO-Coins, the utilization of our stage by means of ALCEDO-Coins is increasingly great. Be that as it may, every client is allowed to choose in which digital money he needs to pay charges.
Special Highlight ALCEDO-Flat
An imperative point for us is to furnish our clients with various advantages by utilizing the ALCEDO-Platform and ALCEDO-Coins. Each client who has 10 000 ALCE on the ALCEDO-Platform (web-or cell phone application) won’t need to pay any exchange expenses when utilizing our administrations.
In any case, contingent upon the Coin (aside from ALCEDO-Coin) a specific system expense remains, which we can not discount. This waiver applies to any administration of ALCEDO (counting all ALCEDO-ATMs).


The ALCEDO-Wallet radically streamlines the treatment of digital forms of money on the cell phone.
Simply, one can send as well as get diverse coins. We offer toward the begin Bitcoin, Ethereum and the ALCEDO-Coin, yet this arrangement will be ceaselessly expanded.The Wallet is intended to work consistently with our crypto machines and the ALCEDO-Platform.
For the trading of Euro in cryptographic money, the procedure is relatively indistinguishable to getting coins at the machine, i.e. checking the QR code and getting coins. The versatile application incorporates a guide demonstrating all areas of crypto machines in Germany.
ALCEDO-Wallet is structured by watching the most astounding wellbeing principles.
In the wake of downloading and enlistment, all clients of this wallet get 20 ALCEDO-Coins for nothing.

ALCEDO-Token Structure

Join our Token sale. We accept token payments.
  • Token: ALCEDO-Token
  • Total ALCEDO-Token: 100 000 000 ALCE
  • Hard-Cap: 40 000 000 ALCE
  • Project-Protocol: first ERC20-Token
  • Crowd-Sale: Dec 01, 2018
  • Means of Payment: BTC, ETH, PayPal

Token Sale Stages

  • PHASE 1
    Dec 01 – Jan 31: 50% Discount 1 Alcedo-Token at 0.20 €
  • PHASE 2
    Feb 01 – Mar 31: 25% Discount 1 Alcedo-Token at 0.30 €
  • PHASE 3
    Apr 01 – May 31: 0% Discount 1 Alcedo-Token at 0.40 €


  • Q2 2017
    Concept is born for spreading the use of cryptocurrencies & marketing
  • Q3 2017 Q3 2018
    Developing the Concept
  • Q4 2018
    Opening first Acedo Point with cash machine & starting ICO
  • Q1 2019
    Prepare Alcedo Tokens to be listed on exchanges
  • Q2 2019
    Publishing new Wallet
  • Q3 2019
    Open several Alcedo Points and franchising Alcedo Cash manchines




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