ALCEDO Project Review

Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising ALCEDO and its advantages.

About project

Alcedo platform are a German based company and offer a completed global eco-system even before the start of the ICO. The first ALCEDO-Point in Germany did already open. The next one is in the planning stages. The mission is simple: CREATE VALUES. ALCEDO-Points with the ALCEDO-Coin will spread very quickly throughout Germany. Also, they are in the process of integrating other partners into system in order to cover all of Europe. Get your share of real business and support us becoming the most successful eco-system worldwid.
Presently, there square measure roughly three,440 crypto-cash machines put in across the world, compared to approx. 3.5 million standard ATMs worldwide. Obviously, the unfold of crypto-ATMs remains at associate infancy stage. One reason can be the group action fees at Crypto-ATMs, that square measure 1-4% higher compared to the fees ordinarily charged. Evidently, there’s a requirement to be met by providing individual customers a a lot of accessible, efficient, and reasonable answer to form transactions in crypto currencies and to maximise thenpotential of this transformational domain.

ALCEDO framework

Our clients can profit by a great deal of limits utilizing our ALCEDO-Ecosystem. So as to accelerate the appropriation and in this manner the dissemination of ALCEDO-Coins, the utilization of our stage through ALCEDO-COINS is increasingly ideal. Be that as it may, every client is allowed to choose what sort of electronic cash they need to pay.

Features ALCEDO exceptional

One essential point for us is to give our clients a few advantages utilizing ALCEDO-Platform and ALCEDO-Coins. Every client with 10 000 ALCE on the ALCEDO Platform (web or cell phone application) won’t be charged any exchange expenses when utilizing our administrations. Be that as it may, contingent upon Coin (with the exception of ALCEDO-Coin), a specific system charge is as yet accessible, we can not discount. This waiver applies to any of ALCEDO’s administrations (counting all ALCEDO ATMs).


ALCEDO-Cards are equipped for the first time with a built-in NFC chip and can be used at our ALCEDO-ATMs and our POS-Terminals. This allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell crypto currencies. In addition, it promotes the dissemination and acceptance of ALCEDO-Coins and other crypto currencies. No long and cumbersome registration procedures on foreign stock exchanges are necessary. We operate exclusively and completely from Germany.
Our Edition 1 ALCEDO-Card is limited to 1,000 cards, personalized and will be sent free of charge (worldwide) with the purchase of 10,000 ALCEDO-Coins.


The ALCEDO-Wallet drastically simplifies the handling of crypto currencies on the smartphone.
Very simply, one can send and/or receive different coins. We offer at the start Bitcoin, Ethereum and the ALCEDO-Coin, but this assortment will be continually expanded.The Wallet is designed to work seamlessly with our crypto machines and the ALCEDO-Platform.

For the exchange of Euro in crypto currency, the process is almost identical to getting coins at the machine, i.e. scanning the QR code and getting coins. The mobile app includes a map showing all locations of crypto machines in Germany.

ALCEDO-Wallet is designed by observing the highest safety standards.

After downloading and registration, all users of this wallet get 20 ALCEDO-Coins for free.

Token Information :

Price of ALCE PreICO: 1 ALCE = 0.2 EUR
Price: 1 ALCE = 0.4 EUR
Payments received: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment: 50 EUR
Soft cap: 100 000 EUR
Hard cap: 16 000 000 EUR
White list / KYC: Yes
Forbidden Zone: US, Afghanistan, China.


  • Q2 2017
    Concept is born for spreading the use of cryptocurrencies & marketing
  • Q3 2017 Q3 2018
    Developing the Concept
  • Q4 2018
    Opening first Acedo Point with cash machine & starting ICO
  • Q1 2019
    Prepare Alcedo Tokens to be listed on exchanges
  • Q2 2019
    Publishing new Wallet
  • Q3 2019
    Open several Alcedo Points and franchising Alcedo Cash manchines


As a result, I witnessed projects that were well thought out with aggressive ambitions and every opportunity to realize them!
This project is implemented very simply and at the same time contains very large functions and good ideas to solve many problems!
This project has a very good ranking on most lists, and this is justified, considering almost unique ideas and professional application.
The project team does everything in its power to support and improve the project. He likes to answer all questions from the community and investors. And most importantly, it won’t disappear after ICO! And this is very important in our day. As I said, project estimates are very high, and they are not given by ordinary people, but by professionals! I advise you to study this project in more detail, I see great potential in it!

I am very glad you have read to the end, and this means you like my review and this project. And this is the main thing I want to achieve by working on this review. I try to convey all the information gathered in the shortest and simplest form, the easiest to understand!
Thank you very much for being with me.
I hope you are lucky and know more about the project that attracts many investors !!!

Further Information Visit This Site :
ICO [01.12 – 31.05]

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