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In the world we live in now DATA and time is everything but surprisingly today we are giving both away for nothing. The general public at large are making more indie information than other time in recent memory and it is generally speaking purposely harvested by joined structures (like Social media systems and web crawlers) to be promoted and later sold. The result is an unyieldingly stopped and united web where the substance we see ends up being logically stale and superseded with ads looking for our consideration.

Online social networking mammoths have an unquestionable ability to control the way in which we see the world by affecting what we are seeing on their areas and over the Internet. These affiliations have an amazing impact on our overall population and have insignificant persuading power, other than open uproar, to anchor assurance and diverse advantages we’ve come to see as fundamental rights. While profiting from customers data had all the earmarks of being typical a couple of years earlier, progressing news of data break, insurance encroachment, forcing plan of action mistreat and political interfering by remote powers include that these practices can cause an option that is other than annoys for customers. This is the condition that brought about the conception of Alfa.

Alfa is the working condition for Enzo Operating Network (EON), a completely comprehensive, decentralized, and open-information economy where each member is a small scale business visionary, enabled to contribute and ensured to be adjusted for their opportunity and information. Alfa does not serve you commercials except if you need to see them. Alfa is based on a local digital money, ENZO (NZO), which depends on time. Individuals will come in as fast as they can make information in light of the fact that out of the blue, they can procure genuine cash for each second of significant worth they make for the system. It’s an exceptional model, and a cash that maps to an inherent esteem that is valid for everybody on Earth. On Alfa, everybody gets the full advantages of the blockchain from protection, to security, to trust-less exchanges


The ALFA-ENZO network platform is a new blockchain based project in pole rank to develop what is proposed as the first mass-market cryptocurrency. The platform aims to establish that through the provision of a standard unmatched distributed commerce ecosystem that will solve the problems that are in place. The project platform has come with the solution specially built to meet the speed and scalability required for mainstream utilization. By such providing properties like quickness and intuition for all users on the platform.

Also, The Alfa-enzo platform looks to make exchanges on the blockchain simpler, better and for clients to ideally use the blockchain possibilities. Alfa-enzo is building up an open system that conveys better decentralized applications, conventions and biological communities that can practice a high worldwide interest client base with adaptability and choice client encounters.

Alfa-enzo is an advancement with a super-improved plan to help gigantic reception by relying network effect to offer cryptocurrencies. Alfa-enzo platform chips away at administrations by offering customers future access to the field of web based advertising.


Each user should be able to sell, buy, store funds, quietly use decentralized applications, but there is no platform that would implement it. (Creating revolutionary platform)

Fast and secure data transfer. Data processing speed. Any user wants to have quick access to the content.

Dissemination of information about cryptocurrencies should acquire a viral character. With the help of social networks and other information mechanisms, people need to be explained that we have entered a new digital age and the blockchain system is an integral part of it.


Consumer data being collected and shared without user consent and Coins are not backed by a universally acceptable value basis.

Advertisers not getting sufficient ROI.

Decreasing publisher revenue is leading to low quality content which shows No easy way exists to use crypto for goods and services

Too many middlemen – Data middlemen, traffic middlemen, and ad middlemen. All are driving up costs and contributing to excessive consumer ad overload.

Most business marketing research never gets done, because it is cost prohibitive.


  • User Control.

Give users the right to opt-in to specific industries, and only share data they are comfortable sharing

  • Transparency

Built for speed, convenience, scale, and privacy and Data transfers and money transfers are openly viewable

  • Free Unbiased Data

Give advertisers the ability to choose the appropriate media outlets, without paying hefty upfronts

  • Community Oversight

Data collection and sharing should use open-source auditable code

  • Compensation

Compensate users for their time and trust. Time is the oldest first-principle concept.

The ENZO (NZO) Token

EON offers its own Enzo (NZO) token with a saved internal value. This token will be provided by time, so its value can not be inflated or depreciated. Developers want to correctly assess, measure and reward users for their human time resource. The value of token is related to network ecosystem effect. NZO token is equivalent to 365 days with daily units in Zs. Distribution of tokens depends on participation. As more and faster network grows, as more expensive token becomes.

Token Details

Token: NZO

Standard: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum

Token Supply: 21,000,000,000


Token sale period: 4.07.2018 – 4.07.2019.

Pre-sale will start at 0.04 USD per token and will change throughout the year.



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