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Hello friends, welcome everyone to my blog! Today I will talk about a very unusual and interesting ICO project. We will discuss how Alfa Enzo is introducing blockchain technology and smart contracts and will also discuss the details of ICO in details.

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Let’s Discussion about Alfa Enzo 

What is  Alfa-Enzo

Alfa Enzo have proposed an ecosystem that delivers a value-anchored mass-market cryptocurrency and provide a novel end-user experience for its complete utilization. The Enzo Open Network puts users first. It is designed to separate users from marketers, to allow users to manage the privacy of User Generated Content (UGC) across an efficient digital economy without relying on trust. With each user’s data and time contribution, a natural economy emerges from which we can derive an intrinsic value basis for a new cryptocurrency—Enzo. Enzo offers features that no other cryptocurrency possesses to deliver on a prime initiative of global inclusion and commitment to the evolution of distributed systems. The first proven outlets for Enzo to exercise its utility are Alfa and Push. These applications are the first portals into EON and serves to illustrate through user experience, design, and architecture, a clear delineation between users, data, and advertisers. We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Alfa Enzo launches its offering in the light of widespread market uncertainty and volatility. However, we believe in our ability to prevail through the cohesiveness of our vision, the comprehensiveness of our preparation, and the strength of our team. We look forward to your participation and unwavering support of this bold new vision.

World’s First Decentralized SmartMarket

Alfa-Enzo is patented social mining platform that lets the community solves the most critical problems of the blockchain—scaling and mass adoption. It uses a patent-pending side-chain process to let you mine tokens by discovering and interacting with social contents on the network. The patented design was developed from scratch to ensure that you earn for your time and anything you create from posts to transactions. The more you give to the network, the faster you earn. Powering Alfa-Enzo’s ecosystem is Enzo (NZO). Enzo is a time-token that converts the user’s time into a stored value. It is mined using a special Proof-of-Activity (PoS + PoW) protocol that’s designed to properly compensate users for the time they spent from social activities to marketplace activities. Miners can transact with the tokens, or sell the tokens on exchanges to Advertisers and Publishers who need the tokens to serve advertisements. Tokens are burned when Advertisements are injected into the system, which continually create a fair increase in value and demand for tokens . Alfa-Enzo holds a number of patents and will provide its source code for open-review in April 2019. It is a presently in MVP status with a baseline release of its social mining app ALFA for iOS, and on track to deliver the first Android version in November 2018. Users will be retroactively reimbursed for their time spent on the network after the launch of its main-net in 2019.


Alfa Enzo is an unprecedented hyperlocal blockchain Smart Market that blends a special licensed social platform that uses a multiple chain Proof-of-Activity network and which allows participants to earn money for spending their time on the platform and also compensate them for the data they create. The compensation is through earning NZO tokens.

Alfa Enzo represents the very first efficient answer to the long yearnings for a cryptocurrency that can be adopted in the mass market. As the platform allows participants to initiate contracts among themselves, almost anything can be marketed and this results in the biggest, independent, shared and equitable data economy.

Individual Alfa Enzo network participants get their own personal and private blockchain where they can perform immediate, chargeless transactions among peers. As earlier mentioned, the Alfa Enzo platform offers an unprecedented smart market all over the globe. In the market, participants will have unbridled access to the ecosystem’s social network features that blockchain presents.


– User Control.

Give users the right to opt-in to specific industries, and only share data they are comfortable sharing

– Transparency

Built for speed, convenience, scale, and privacy and Data transfers and money transfers are openly viewable

– Free Unbiased Data

Give advertisers the ability to choose the appropriate media outlets, without paying hefty upfronts

– Community Oversight

Data collection and sharing should use open-source auditable code

– Compensation

Compensate users for their time and trust. Time is the oldest first-principle concept.


– Mobile application Alfa; It looks like a peer-to-peer messenger. There is a prototype on iOS, you can download and try it.

– Push; This is a P2P advertising platform. The probability of a click on advertising in such a system is over 90%. Advertising itself on this platform is different from commercial. Here, people automatically share their experience of using certain products with others. The launch of this platform is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

– Wallet; This is a means of payment. It allows you to exchange not only currencies, but also independently create smart contracts between the participants of the system and exchange everything they need. From crypto currencies to the objects of the material world.

Alfa Enzo NZO Token & ICO Details

The accepted cryptocurrency on the EON network is ENZO (NZO). It is the network’s native cryptocurrency, which has an intrinsic value derived from activity and time. For that reason, it is impossible to inflate Enzo’s basic value.

1 NZO = 356 Zs = 365 days

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: NZO
  • Token Sale Date: Present — July 4, 2019
  • Token Price: $0.005
  • Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 21Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 3 Million
  • Hard Cap: 100 Million

Road Map

1. 2016

  1. – Develop Fluid Time Prototype for iOS
    – Launched Fluid Timeline for iOS and Android v1

2. 2017

  1. – Black Paper — International Patent (w/ PCT) Receved
    – Developer Enzo Operating Network
    – Launch Fluid Timeline Serverless Ecosystem

3. 2018

  1. – Release Alfa Genesis, Prime, Goliath
    – Release Push 1, Progeny iOS
    – Launch Valet 1, MacOS + MVP testnet

4. 2019

  1. – Release Alfa Nirvana, Valet 2 for MacOS, Window
    – Deploy MVP MainNet
    – Release Push 2 — iOS, Android

5. 2020

  1. – Develop Alfanet Mesh Ecosystem
    – Develop Alfanet Hardware
    – Release Push 3 — iOS, Android

6. 2021

  1. – Launch Alfanet Mesh Ecosystem
    – Develop Alfa Crowdmind AI

7. 2022

  1. – Launch Next Generation Alfanet
    – Launch v2 Mesh Hardware



Alfa Enzo Conclusion

According to the information on their official website, EON network was established with the essence of time in mind. EON believes that time is an ageless concept yet we only experience it in pieces in today’s mainstream technology. “We share the Past on social networks, plan the Future on calendars, and track the Present on messaging.”

Eon believes that while these applications are quite efficient, switching from one application to another consumes about 40 percent of our usage activities. EON network seeks to adopt mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the shortest time possible.

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